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Some yellow from the sand


gday from oz hoping all is well with those in ch ch,scored two lovely 18ct signet rings for a total 10.7 g and 10g of silver chain one ring has a carnelian shield front and has a date inscribed 1/12/13,from where it came out i would have to think its 1913 and not 2013 maybe someone might know from the design of the ring.supermoon tides now getting weaker will have a wait now to get good tides again,good luck to all.


Nice finds Roy gold seems to be avoiding me lately


Yellow (carnelian) on yellow.


thanks just keep swingin’ all good things come to those who wait… forgot to mention all the big quakes have come on the full moon watch out on the next one…cheers.


Yep, there might be some good detecting, for those that go out where the sea bed rose several metres.


Gorgeous rings Roy! You’d have to be stoked with them…10.7g of old yellow would make anyone’s day. Can’t seem to find anything over 9ct here not that I’m complaining haha


Hi Roy,choice gold rings you have there,me well I,ve been on a gold drought for a while,so hoping some gold might turn up soon,just got to dig everything.thanks for posting roy.


Some very nice finds, well done!