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Pink mercury for sale


Greetings friends,well i have some pink mercury and need a serious and ready buyer.


I have a yellow rock from Mars and I am also looking for a serious and gullible buyer.


rip off. everyone knows the genuine mars rocks like the ones I have are red not yellow and would egbe abunaw be interested in a swap.


I have sum moon rocks for sale from my last visit …… it was a good TRIP


@kiwigold Everyone knows red rocks come from Mars, your yellow rock is obviously Mooncheese.
I have reported you as a scammer.

Now, Mr. Abunaw - I am interested, but would like to inspect the specimens first. I have an uncle in Nigeria who will act as my agent, please forward USD$4,000 to his Western Union account to cover border bribes.


Well my dear,i have a friend at border patrol and why cant your uncle come down here?Besides its just a swap,so i dont think i will be sending $4000 to your uncle.


mr abunaw gave up easily. we don’t even get to scam the scammer