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Nice tradesman token


got in a midweek hunt had a widow head threepence pretty slick…and a h j hall ch ch tradesman token half penny,think it will come up nice lots of detail not much corrosion see what it looks like after a week in olive oil have hopes for this one.good luck.IMG_1911IMG_1912


Nice token Roy great find.


Those old tokens are great. If you only found the one goody for the outing then it must have been a token gesture - my attempt at being punny or should that be funny!

I don’t think I ever found any tokens with my detector but I did pick up a perfect one lying in clear sight on the beach near the old Recreation Grounds at Timaru once but sold it. It was for a penny loaf of bread. I later came to the conclusion that someone must have stolen it and then thrown it away.


Cool find…I’d be happy with any token. Still in my bucket list.


Nice finds Roy.
There must of been a few of those HJ hall tokens around at the time as they seem to surface a bit.
We found one up here in the Bay of islands on a beach.



Brillliant! you must be stoked, would love to find a token, finds like those are more exciting than coins in my opinion…