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Newbie question

Hi everyone, i’m new to this community and have a question. We bought my father a MD-3010ii for his 70th birthday,he had a stroke a few years ago so not so nimble on his feet for the soft sand beach so was hoping for some tips as to where to swing his coil. I was thinking around old district halls and reserves etc but i think he’s worried about getting in trouble. any ideas?

You are best to get in contact with local council as to any local by laws that would stop you. You could approach local school for permission. As long as you dig tidy plugs most places don’t mind. Historical sites and DOC land off limits. All the best HH&GL

Sweet thanks.we’re in the south waikato and there are a few old halls in the district where they used to have dances back in my dads day so there could be some nice old coins etc around the buildings.

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Research is your best tool, look up some local history for fair’s, saleyards etc and find out who would be able to give you permission.:+1:

Find where old racecourses were and even current ones and ask the caretakers permission - behind totes which are still grass can be a gold mine and also along the fences around the track and in the area of grandstands.

Old A & P show grounds can also be great places. Where refreshment tents used to be pitched and around the fences of the arenas.

Historic picnic grounds can be great places.

Old hotel sites can be money spinners as well. I know someone who got two half sovereigns at an old hotel site.

Do some research of your locality and it might be amazing what you can come up with.

Good luck!

hi simon 71 where in the south waikato do you i live in
tokoroa perhaps we can have a play together

Cool thanks, yes research is the key

Great ideas thanks,thinking of taking dad over to Te Aroha where he grew up and finding out where all the fairs and gatherings used to take place (not the domain though)

Hi we are in Matamata,will do a few missions on our own until we feel confident about not looking like muppets ha

The Domain and hotsprings at Te Aroha are protected historical sites so you are correct no digging there nowadays unfortunately.
If you check out old te aroha newspapers theres lots of clues for other spots to detect.
According to some guys on Facebuk I think you need may need to get a permission letter from the Thames coromandel council nowadays to detect in the area