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Newbie needing advice


Hi everyone. I’m going out detecting tomorrow for the very 1st time. I’m in Rolleston , Canterbury and was hoping for some advice on a good place to go. Should I try the beach or a local park? Not sure if it’s relevant but I’m using a Garret Ace 250. Cheers


Good luck out there Haggy, Beach is best and easier on the knees. All the same, Try under trees, along walkways and under clothslines. be safe and have fun.
Garrett rules ok.




The best detector in the world.



welcome, I’ve just come back from working in banks peninsula, an amazing place with so much history! take a drive, pick an abandoned house and ask a landholder. i’m telling you this cos you’re running a garrett… ha! good luck.


Welcome here’s a link to some 1940 aerial photos for rolleston, been heavily developed since hope they help with some research


Really appreciate all the advice from everyone