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New Paydirt site - what would you like to see?


I’m looking at redeveloping the parent site. Is there any content that people would like to see included? Both gold and metal detecting related.

Gold claims for sale
Someone suggested a page to allow people to list gold claims for sale. Apparently a lot of sales happen outside of Trade Me. Would anyone find this useful, particularly potential sellers? I already have a Locations > Private Gold Claims page which has never been used so I’m a bit skeptical that a “for sale” page will be any use.


Hi @gavin
Mmmm how dose that effect the new Paydirt community? Do they both exist or am I missing something?


@Iggy - the new community / forum will remain as it is. I’m just discussing the parent site here.


Claims sales seems like a good idea, but most already make a post on the forums, though I guess they could do that with a link to the sale section.

Perhaps you could add photos of the fossicking areas, the entrance (as they might all look a bit like generic bush and river).

Perhaps links to metal detector, sluice, pan, dredge reviews that compare several similar models eg in a price range and functionality.

Video guides on how to use each piece of equipment.

Perhaps some maps that show where gold/silver is found through out new zealand.

Some photos of coins, gold that nz paydirt umembers have found & year, to inspire new people.

A direct link to NZPAM claims map.

Not sure if this is what you want, just throwing some random ideas about.


Some good suggestions there - cheers mate :slight_smile:


Yes some good ideas GoldPandemic,I especially like your idea about the fossicking areas,you could create a page for each location and everyone could submit some up to date info,photos,locations,stories and tips for anyone to access.
As we all know it can be quite hard to know were to start when you first arrive in a new location but if you had some recent feedback/info would be quite useful.Especially for Noobs!(new word for beginners just in case all you older guy didn’t know…lol)…we could turn it into an APP and make stacks of money and fund our petition to P and M…brilliant!!


Good idea to have some tips on localities.
Lots of black iron sand here.
Small garnets can be found here.
Detecting here is difficult due to magnetite, or black sand.


I miss the old forums feature where you could see how many people were online, and what they were viewing.


A section for fossils and gems?


The new forums don’t have any options like that unfortunately. But you never know, might get added by the developers in a future version.

An “Other Treasures” like the old forum perhaps?


Just having a look at the old forums and surprisingly there are 12 people viewing!


that was a good feature. also like to be able to see where people are from…