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Mudwiggling through 2019


Was going to hit the beach this morning, unfortunately our international guest picked up some industrial-grade plague on their flight over.
Everyone in the house has been shying away from the walking dead over the last week, muttering in hushed tones “Oh God, I just know I’m going to catch it…” before eventually retreating to bed hacking and snotting with the rest of us already moaning and weakly calling out if there’s another box of tissues anywhere.

You’ve probably caught it merely by reading these infected words.

So, as a placeholder for my forays this year, I present some midnight fireworks.

Hopefully it’s not an omen for my hunts this year.


========================== Happy meh Year! ============================


My sympathies on the plague virus mudwiggle we have a Xmas guest who is currently moaning like the ghost of Xmas past as well - last thing anyone needs when the weather is so good for getting out and swinging the coil!!:mask::nauseated_face:


Was down in Auckland this morning briefly, but accidentally packed the ATP in the confusion at 5am.

So on the way back up north, the car was mysteriously guided to some showgrounds. Quick jog up to the office, permission granted “Although you should know one of our committee has a detector and does the grounds regularly”…
There’s always a committee member who detects (buy me a beer one day and I’ll spin a tale of how I had a permission revoked because ‘a committee member’ wanted the place to himself. Snakey barsteward :angry: )
Whoever it is has obviously lost the will to retrieve pull tabs and screwcaps - You know the ones, good golden signal in unusually loose soil which turns out to be a tab. So I decided as I only had about 30min before Mrs. Wiggle finished her book in the shade, I’d go a shootin’
Still very quiet but meant I could swing hard and fast and in 30min I’d made enough to shout us both lunch.
Can’t argue with that.

All the sponsor signage was encouraging me


Still recovering from whatever weapons-grade germ attached itself to our guest (They’ve gone back to Germany to further spread the good cheer!) but can now complete whole sentences without doing it one word/breath, so when I got a call from Tony at NZ Ringfinders I found some energy to get out of the house and make someone elses life a bit better :slight_smile:


Tough ring recovery yesterday.
My ‘informant’ who was to show me my start point was a very red-eyed and teary 7 yo (been subjected to many grumblings since she lost the family ring in the sea 3 days ago).
First off, we were at the wrong beach (heeeere we go :roll_eyes:) so everyone piled into the cars to hop around to the next bay.
As Mum, Auntie, Sniffling Ms. 7 and I headed down onto the beach it quickly became apparent there was no start point other than “somewhere…” the quivering pointy finger indicating about 200m of highly mobile surf beach - Followed by another torrent of tears.
I ran a few questions past the elders, “where does the family normally go when at the beach? At the ends, or in the middle?”, “Is she a water-baby, or does she prefer to play in the sand” that sort of thing. The fact that she is a water-baby who also loves being anywhere on a beach didn’t really firm up a start point. So, I drew some Guidelines in the sand and waded out to what would have been just over waist height for a 7yo and proceeded to sweep…and sweep…and sweep…
Lots of seaweed, ali and shells suggesting the beach was building didn’t bode well, but stuck to the pattern. 3Hours later with nothing more than a half dozen crown caps and can tabs I waded in to give the bad news.

As soon as I started with, “I’m sorry…” Ms. 7 started the water features again. I explained to Mum that due to no effective start point and the time delay it was probably not worth continuing at this time, but I would add it to my Black Book for any future visits… And quietly suggested that Ms. 7 get an ice block for being so helpful.


I would say there will be a lot of Ali around for a while if down here is anything to go by


Tell me about it…Spend all winter clearing it out, then in the space of 4 weeks, the party crowd replace it all. Not too bad though, I found a chocolate egg today, left behind from yesterdays kiddy treasure hunt on the beach.