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More gold with new coil


gday all,to say iam impressed with this 16 inch nugget finder would be an understatement scored small 18ct ring at somewhere near two scoops deep[scoop is 11 inches long,hard to tell exatly but i would think 15,16 inches,in fact i lost two bigger targets because i could not get sand out quicker than it was filling in i had to give up.ring marked for 1947 looked quite modern i would have guessed much later,was glad to have a lucky 9ct horse shoe ring just as deep,still a lot of fresh sand but not so much of a problem now,ps might need a back op


Nice one Roy. We could all do with a setup and coil like yours. The sand over hear is still a few meters deep. Maybe this stormy weather coming from your way might lower things down a bit.



hope the tail end of debbie works something good for you,keep thinking gold!!!


Debbie has been and gone - we got Cycone Cook now. Bound to be some movement on the beach, best i get down there for a sweep.
Yes keep thinking GOLD.