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Many thanks to lammerlaw and 9oz Henry


I headed down south and spent a couple of nights and 3 days with the owner and his m8 on his ranch in the high country just out of Dunedin, What can I say it was the best 3 days gold panning and nugget searching I have ever had, we found colour in every pan and we got a couple of small nuggets , the company was fantastic as was the kai, I saw falcons and some of the best country and streams southland has to offer, This is a big shout out to say thanks m8 we had a blast, pass on our thanks to 9oz Henry he is a gold magnet and a bloody good bloke, cheers m8 hope to see you again soon …


Great feedback Montenz…we hear great comments and advice from these guys but to know they extend the hand to show a bloke a great weekend away is awesome.

top notch all round


Loved the company but the Pixies, elves or trolls left two grubby old tit for tats in the Iron Horse. It was a grand weekend and couldnt wish for better blokes for company. Some stupid shit deleted all his great photos out of his camera so the camera is on Death Row for being a shit of a thing…that means he has no record of a grand time out. Such is life - last words of Ned Kelly.
Henry stayed up there to do some noxious plant work for me so ran around for a couple of days thinking he was Zorro with a chain saw and I strongly suspect he only went home one day ago because the secret whisky supply and beer supply is defunct, guzzled up, dry, gone and none existent and its going to be a dry argument when I get up there next and look for a cool libation.


Such is life lammerlaw lol


That looks like fun. I cant say wish i was there as i know i will a hard time.



my findings


Dont say that you twisted Allans arm behind his back and monstered him to hand over his gold!


no he kept a tight grip on his nuggies lol, I couldn’t pries them out of his jar


8.8oz henry :slight_smile: , thanks for posting good to see people getting out there & enjoying the summer


Nice looking yellow stuff…well done!!
A couple of nice round nuggety ones there too:+1:


A macro lens makes a gram look so big lol but there are a couple of nice one’s alright


Beautiful stuff. Great photography.



can thank the wife for the gold pic, lammerlaw took the creek one, here’s a couple more.