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Lowest Tide Hunt This Weekend


Lowest tide of the year this week, headin out tomoro to hunt in the low tide mud.
Go hard everyone.
Below is a pic from an old hunt some years back.

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…



got to be in to win.go hard


I went hard. Hunted high - hunted low (obviously as it was low tide) hunted all over the show.

Bestist find a 925 ring.
Was black and browned stained, barely recognisable when found from years in the mud. Gave it the dish washer scourer pad treetment.

And a cool looking seashore rock.

Best coin find was a 1964 NZ Threepence.




Me to. First time out with a Gofind 60. 1.45pm low tide Saturday


Awesome, go hard with the Gofind. Post all ya finds when you can. HH

Wondering what everyone else found - looks like my mega sized silver ring mite have been the only cool lowest tide of the year find… possibly.




Nice, any better photo’s of the silver?


Cool Pandemic, was really just winding everyone up to see if i could get a reaction…
Heres a few more pics of the finds.

That tiny black square is the smallest 925 mark ever. Even hard to see thru a loupe.



And some GOLD



got some great stuff there,is that wild pigs tooth mounted as a pendant


Never really got to the bottom of what it was. I did take it to this antiques place and they said it was most probly ceramic.



Looks like a glazed ceramic, appears to be pinholes in the glaze, and the brown striations don’t really suggest ‘organic’ growth. Any chance of a close up looking across the surface of the ‘broken’ end?

That’s some awesome pirate gold in the last pic :skull_crossbones:


Everyone looked at, couldn’t id it, thats when i went to someone who mite know. Apparently the flavour of the day was back in the early 1900’s up around mid maybe, possibly after… was a ceramic piece - with hand crafted catch.
All the G in that last pic was note the ring in the middle found with an Ace 250.
Will do sum pics when the sun comes up.

Choice :beers:

Le ol’ Glory Jar

Bits from way up North

And the GOLD




Definately ceramic.



I love that half penny, what country is that from?


Quick search thru my records and it’s a 1971 UK half new penny.