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Louis creek prospecting


Hi I’am looking of coming down for a couple of weeks and the louis
was going to be the first stop.Is it closed of now or there another
spot near buy. (ps don’t really no what i am doing. just another N I)"
Or is lyell next.Watch out Keith you are on my hit list.


G day! Slab is pretty good you should find gold on most places on the Buller and if all turns to custard give the wangapeka a go just don’t get caught


Louis creek is not closed just got bk from 3 days up ther its nice as ther hit me up if you wont


New Creek is also right next door:


hi matt still waiting for your visit. be good to catch up again. denniston has slowed down and the creek I was working has dried up . but I have another creek that’s showing some promise even closer to home (12 mins drive) that will get everybody on the forum trying to workout where that would be


The public fossicking area is not closed, the council used to own another claim that they let people fossick on under the same rules, that is closed, the public area you will have on all your maps is still open, I was down there a month ago.

Porika road over to New Creek is signposted closed though (the road, it’s not maintained), which is a bit of a shame as I feel it’s the better field it’s just harder to work due to the severe lack of water to even run a small sluice (wouldn’t have been a problem this summer though) That was a month ago though, things might have changed.


@Darren - you seem to always be the man in the know. You must get around a fair bit! :slight_smile:


Hi Darren is the Porika worth a play.would it be about1.5 hour walk
to new creak area


@gavin I was down there two weeks ago trying my luck … not so good this time around and this summer hasn’t been kind either.

Just Marlborough, I wouldn’t know where to start anywhere else in the country.


@au-grumpy there is an old miners track up to new creek that goes past booths cottage, from Louis creek side.

All the terraces in that area you walk past are gold bearing but there isn’t any water to sluice, there are remnants left of the water races to get water to the paddocks they worked.

If you have a decent 4x4 then you should be able to get to new creek, there are farm houses up that road and surely they have a way of getting home and back. Probably don’t want to deal with towing people out.