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Lodge or Transfer a Claim - Permit Services

If you’re looking for someone who can facilitate with the red tape associated with gold claims…

Experienced gold dredger and geologist with a passion for alluvial gold in Otago and the Yukon. Currently operate two gold dredging permits in Otago and know the administration process well. Feel free to contact me to discuss your permit solutions.

Gold Dredging Claim, single applicant - Prepare and lodge $950.
Cost for each additional applicant $100.
Work required after lodgement due to changes etc. $75/hr.

Transfer of existing Gold Dredging Claim, single applicant - Prepare and lodge $950.
Cost for each additional applicant $100.
Work required after lodgement due to changes etc. $75/hr.

Sam Stephens


Fantastic idea. Well done guys

Not long ago used Vivienne Bull to do some work which included lodgement of a new claim as well as a transfer and will say the costs were cheaper than what has been posted above. She also really knows her stuff as she is in direct contact with NZPAM bureaucracy.
From lodgement to getting the claim took less than 2 months!

Food for thought

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My friend has recently used Viv, her current fees are $1,200 + GST and $150/hr there after, so I am glad to see some competition in this market.

Vivienne is bloody good , rate her highly friendly to deal with & straight to the point .

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I’ve used both Viv and Sam to lodge claims in Central Otago and have to say Sam was definitely cheaper and still really efficient

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Jesus…both are bloody expensive. All the folk on here have huge amounts of experience, contacts and brain-power. I would urge you all to not pay ridiculous amounts of money to these folk and do it yourselves. $150/hr is a rort


yeah. I wouldn’t mind a job where I could sit on my arse and get paid $150hr but I guess if you can afford it then it takes a lot of the hassles away.

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There are lots of opportunists out there. I have never done them otherwise I would do them for say the right to go to that claim now and again, or even for nothing as I have done a lot for others for nothing. I have always liked helping people and am not ambitious. I do give people advice on various matters and have just completed writing several letters for a bloke who lost his firearms. I am tempted to swat up on mining licences and do them for friends free providing they assist as I direct them and strangers in exchange for items for my collections or a nominal fee say fifty an hour from start…no initial fee. At this point I have no idea how much it entails. I just don’t like rip offs. If those who do them and advertise here are lawyers then I guess they charge standard legal fees…which are not standard at all as I found out late last year but if those here offering their services are merely amateurs trying to make a quick buck then I am sure you can do better.

Totally agree Lammerlaw. I have written numerous for hobby miners, numerous consent and access applications and do it because I can’t stand the opportunists sucking the money off hobby guys. That said, the odd good bugger has been generous in their appreciation but it certainly isn’t expected.

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I agree. I can’t rate Viv high enough!

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Cost me $800 for my claim with Vivienne.(of which I claimed the GST) Took all the hassle out of it and I didn’t have to do anything. I’m a buisness man -time equals money. I knew I could trust Vivienne to get it right the first time, no hassles and with the conditions I wanted which includes year round dredging , no hp restrictions and excellent mapping of the river to include as much ground as possiable. Also included navigation and agreement with iwi. From lodgement to getting the claim approved took less than 2 months.
I’ve seen guys use arse about people before or try ro do it themselves and it’s taken them over 6 months to get a claim all in the hope of saving a dime and being Jewish.
Time equals money and for what I spent to what I got meant I had gold in the box and my fee paid within half a day of being a legal claI’m owner.
As far as I’m concerned it’s a no brainer.

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Im with you on that one prich, couldnt be happier with way my claim went , money well spent no hassles awesome conditions and job done fast , one day in the water and its sorted, no brainer