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Golden opportunity


Hi guys I have a golden opportunity to offer three lucky folks. My two brothers and I own a third of a Gold claim in the wakamarina river which we tried to get resource consent to dredge for. Unfortunately this didn’t work out (can tell the full story to anyone interested). We are still allowed to use hand tools without resource consent. We would still like to keep the claim as we believe it has great potential but are looking to offset the yearly permit fees by taking on some more claim partners. The cost to get 1/6 of the claim will be just 1\6 of the $1150 it costs to have the claim per year. Claim number is 56120 and it’s located right next to a motor camp so it’s a great place to stay over the summer months. Phone 0277222547 for further information. Cheers guys


1 of the three has gone already…


Two gone and the third under consideration…


I cant see why your consent was refused. Am pretty confident this can be granted with a little effort.
there is no rational way this should not have been declined.
am amazed.


Sorry guys the shares are all sold


Dang. Just saw this post. Wife was on board too! LOL. Guess I’ll have to wait for the next one.



would love to know the circumstances around not having consent.
I have been involved in a couple of dozen consent processes like yours and cant see what the issue is in your case. I suspect the council has not applied the process or law fairly and you should have been successful. PM me of you want some help with this


Mangrove, I will relay the decisions document from the council to you this evening. Consent was refused on the basis that I MIGHT harm local native fish. They didn’t want to give it to me as no research from NZ was available on effect of dredging on native galaxids. They did not accept overseas studies


Curious…a mate just got written approvals from DoC and F&G to mine in a river that has 'D’flathead galaxiids…the rarest native in the country. He does not expect any problem with getting a notified consent. Its a great claim too…

shame yours didnt get thru, I reckon I could help you get it through easy enough with some arm bending and sound RMA arguements. My email is