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Giant gold nugget found in Scottish river

…and I moved here because I couldn’t find much there!


Very interesting, perhaps a nugget this size was actually found somewhere else, like the say the Shotover River, then smuggled back, and say, a new interest in gold mining in Scotland is created.


Funny, I was thinking the same.
It’s worth having a look at the comments attached to the BBC article.
Politics, the same the world over!

Great minds…and devious minds think alike…I was thinking that my largest nugget is far bigger and I was thinking…nefarious thoughts!

I wonder how much an airline ticket to Scotland might cost?

Hi Dave, Yep…I smelt a rat & also thought the same thing. Even looks like a bit of Shotover gold. :slight_smile: Be interesting if they did an assay on it & then compared that to known Scottish gold found in that location. That would let the cat out of the bag. Cheers

JW :slight_smile:

well, when u consider there is gold tax on importing gold to the UK, and you want to bring your nugget home, what better way to escape the tax, when you come to sell your ill gotten gold, is by saying you found it in Scotland, and at the same time start a mini gold rush where you can sell ur metal detectors, LOL


Drilling the gold on ether side of it you can tell where it comes from within 1 metre of the area i do know there is free gold up in the highlands of Scotland in creeks