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Full face diving mask


who uses them and is it worth spending the big money to get one thanks


Only in the colder months…

More hassle to get on but much more comfy over a long time… breath through nose, snivel swallow, no dry mouth etc

I use mine in the cold and normal reg/mask in the warmer times


I’ve only had a go with one once and found it a bit claustrophobic. Much preferred a simple mask. But that’s just me. Probably a better option in really cold water though.


Iv got one as lbd said only use it in the colder months there big & bulky the current can rip it off at times not a silly idea having one but I wouldn’t spend a fortune on one


the ones ive seen are over 1000 to like 1500 dont think i can justify it but if they were amazing etc i could treat myself


Iv got a Neptune 1 they are expensive but I didn’t buy it it came with a dredge I imported if I was going to buy 1 id probably get one of these


hi sootypete
that’s the one I had great in cold water , but a prick of a thing putting on and trying to get the snorkel in place


There’s a chap in Blenheim selling one with weight belt and length of hose with it for $600


got to be dreaming…


what kind the 1 advertised above on ebay or different,