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Found an old mine. But look what's on the ceiling in the photo



Cave Wetas I presume - in the old West Coast mines they tend to get really large and sort of formidable looking and although the body is small compared with the likes of the Giant Weta their overall length can be amazing.


Yep, cave Wetas - they are huge spidery lookin things - very long legs.



When I first saw them in mines on the West Coast in 1970 I nearly Wetad myself…in fact them plus the giant Wetas I saw over there on tree trunks made me think I was in some Primeval Forest and from that day on I carried my rifle in case I met Dinosaurs but the only one I ever met was a very fat woman in the Heatherbell Hotel at Totara Flat. She may have been the woman they referred to as Mattress Annie though for the life of me I cannot fathom why!


Haha, nice,
Couldn’t help myself!
Added some Bats!!
This is Joker’s Tunnel in W.A, google the story and find out why they called it Jokers :slight_smile:
It’s a nice walk through there and a nice camping spot also, couldn’t find the spot where some bloke back in the day dollied up 3 KG of gold from 50 KG of Quartz tho, however this tunnel is a lot to do with that!

Anyone want to buy some bats? PM me HAHA


Bats are cute, its a shame they are diseased little bastards.