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Detectorists (on Netflix)


Hey guy,just started watching the netflix series the “Detectorists” is very funny and well worth a watch!!


I agree, absolutely brilliant series, if you enjoy British humour.
Can’t wait for series 3 to be shown.


Yes it was good. You may be able to see series 3 on you tube. You cant beat suttle British humor.
JW :slight_smile:


Yep I’m thinking of detecting in camo and a fishing vest from now on LOL


Yeah me too and I’m working on my gold dance…lol


I bought series 3 online from JB Hi in Aussie months ago. Not sure why it hasn’t been released here yet


I watched it on BBC online - you’ll need a VPN to spoof that you’re in the UK to view though. Cyberghost is a freebie that is very easy to use and does the job. The free version off the Cyberghost site requires you wait about a minute before it connects and don’t forget to go into settings and choose a UK server, I think BBC also accepted France.

…Or you can wait until it finally gets out here :slight_smile:

If chasing it online, avoid the ones where you have to “click the link below” to view/download (Youtube can be bad for this)


A detecting friend of mine has the nouse to upload them somehow, pirated I guess, & send them through to me via youtube. He just sent me through The latest Aussie Gold Hunters that I have just finished watching. I am interested in what is up & coming from “The Curse of Oak Island”. Boy have they thrown some money at that treasure hunt.
JW :slight_smile:


Or he accidentally recorded it while watching on the BBC iPlayer :wink: