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Christchurch MDNZA Seeded Hunt / Rally - Sat 6th May 2017


For anyone that’s interested, there’s a seeded hunt taking place at Horseshoe Lake, Christchurch next Sat 6th May. More details on the Facebook events page…


Any results from the hunt Gavin. Havn’t heard of MDNZA before.



I was only around for the beginning so didn’t see the results. Was a huge seeded hunt that included over 100 silvers I believe. Really good turn out. Even had drones flying around filming it so should be a good video somewhere at some point I imagine.


Sounds alot of fun. Least it wasnt cancelled like the last comp we heard of.



The day went really well…sorry if i didnt get to talk to some of yous i was a bit busy most of the day!


Choice one. Seeded hunt, is that where the finds are pre set for the finding. Sounds like fun.




yeah mate seeded items and tokens with prizes etc allocated to them etc…there’s always the chance of finding other stuff to tho!