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Baby Silvers and new oldest coin


Had a good 3 hour hunt at the local lake with the low, slow and dig it all strategy which worked out quite well. 3 Sixpences and 3 Threepences my new best silver day topping my previous best of 2 haha :joy: along with a 925 Greenstone ring. Also scored my new oldest coin, A really smooth 1872 Penny!!

Only covered a small area so I’ll definitely be back there.Still after for my first silver Florin :thinking:


Lots of finds, any pre 1900 coin is a good score and a nice peice of 925 to boot :yum:


good score,the best way i have found to get the most out of a promising spot, is to start off with high disc take all the big silver and pennys[ you can do that pretty quick],you then have a rearly good idea of the age of the site.lower the disc down start taking the threepences and maybe bigger gold rings,then just disc out the iron,and take out all the small gold witch will be not much higher than iron. use your notch feature to target just that region of signal[ your machine hopefully wont be like a machine gun going off] see what comes up,


Hit the same spot this afternoon and pulled a few more small silvers (Cleaned them up, couldn’t help myself :grimacing:) Along with a few other bits and pieces…

Bottom right is an old HT&V padlock that’s missing the locking bit.

Loving the idea of starting out with high disc and working my way down though Roy. Definitely have to give that a go next time I’m out!


Yes agreed, great idea for a new spot…can’t believe I haven’t tried that one myself.
That’s a nice old :lock:Shame it’s missing the catch but still coool


Hi DNZ,nice finds there,roys method of recovery is a good idea and is the method I use myself,start high and work down to the low to medium stuff,works for me,good luck on your next hunt.


Been awhile since my last post but still hunting out this spot and it keeps on giving!

Pulled a nice 1935 Half Crown and my first matchbox car :smile: also the huge binoculars and an old 1930s Maori design brooch

(Any way I can change the name of this thread and just turn it into my finds thread?)


Nice finds, love that Whaka/Kiwi. If you go to top of your post click on the pencil icon beside your heading you should be able to edit it.


I’m a beginner, could you explain a bit about what you mean by high disc please.


Disc = discrimination. Basically you notch out all the iron signals (and some of the mid range aluminium signals) and go for the higher signals such as silver.
Search around in this mode for a bit and pick up all the good signals. Once youve done that go back thru in all metal mode to pic up the lesser targets.
Hope this helps.



Just love some of those silvers - they are ace - me jellyarse. Have always had a soft spot for silvers andlike seeing what the members get in that regard…


Thank you. I will try it.


Good luck out here Clancy.
The setup described is usually used in areas where there is alot of spacejunk (scrap).



Tell me about it, Didn’t find it. There was another guy out same time, he didn’t either.


Nice one Clancy. Im guessing your talking about that GOLD ring.
Did you find anything, any pics for us.



A junkie silver colour chain, and a couple of spendies.


Hey thats cool, a hunt is a hunt and any find is a good find.
The thrill - awesome.



Getting a bit lazy with my posts but this is the finds from about 8 seperate hunts

been killing it on spendies, about $160 in the jar from an old park with 3 disused rugby fields that double as a camping spot when wild foods festival is on.

~ 4 925 Rings
~ New oldest coin 1865 Penny
~ Old toy gun that I destroyed getting out from under tree roots but the trusty hot glue guns fixed her a bit
~ NZ military button and a British military button??
~ Few small silvers


NZ Railways :slight_smile: Mine really got me going when I dug it.
Design dates to around 1930’s - 1940’s.


Mmmmm some really nice keepers in that assortment. Ring far right looks a goodie to.