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Winter activities

Ended up going up moonlight, first time there. Great spot but pretty strong flow in the river. Found one nice piece in a test pan and then basically nothing else.

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Did u do a video mate

Nice one, yeah suprisngly sizeable river moonlight aye, yeah that was what happened to us our first ever trip there, test panned and got insane flake count test pans and then the gold just poof, dissapeared, was just all flood gold sitting on top of the overburden, we find the best strategy is find somehwere you can get to bedrock somewhat easily and just follow it along until you hit the right deposit/crevice, we got a fair bit just detecting and crevicing last time we were there too.


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The moonlight is a fantastic river. Has been hit very hard but there are bound to be some nuggets lurking somewhere. I’ve had some great times there