Why can't you buy a Fossicking Permit in NZ?

Well we know your nature dont we. Your a poor specimen of humanity when you have to make personal attacks on others…its called sick puppy Syndrome.
l assume your blowjob comment comes from experience?
You have just shown everyone what sort of person you are.

Hi Digahole, It would seem that you have a very defeatist attitude on life. Not all of us want to Digahole and bury our heads in it. If we did, then we’d lose all our rights! Yes, a lot of fossickers do keep their gold. If they are not selling it then they would not have to pay tax. It’s like people who brew their own beer or spirits, if they are not selling it, they don’t have to pay tax, DUH!!! Freedom campers? Fly-tipping and illegal dumping appears to be a hobby for a lot of Kiwi’s. And no, the sun does not always shine on me in my life. I’m currently being treated for PTSD and acute anxiety. So, no. I’m still waiting for those clouds to part. If you have no interest in standing up for your own rights or add anything constructive to this conversation, then I suggest that you Digahole and bury your head in it and at least allow other people to try and stand up for your rights.

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Gogold, are you actually here to add anything constructive to this conversation? If not, then go and troll some place else. You are not welcome here!

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Just a reminder… please “Flag” inappropriate messages and if a few members do it, the message simply disappears. Might save a bit of argy-bargy :wink:

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It had nothing to do with not following the rules. Recreational gold miners back then caused no damage that l ever saw or heard of.
The whole thing was political.
Mining changed over night. Once you applied for a Mining Licence and it was heard at Cromwell at the Wardens Court, minimal cost, straight forward and you invariably got it…and then it changed. Not because of people breaking rules but because of Politics.

What a sad type you are…look at your own twaddle. Everyone can see it. Keep on…your showing everyone what your like .
I suggest you go and take your pill…easy to see who needs their meds!

No, I just reread your comment. It is definitely a rambling diatribe of insults that adds nothing to this conversation. Lammerlaw has already pointed out the political and corporate side of it, so, you’re not really adding anything to this discussion other than insults. As I said, you’re not welcome here!!!

@gavin Can you please do something about gogold? I think he needs to go and sit in the naughty corner and chill out.

What are you going on about. I think your on something now and it shows.
As ĺ said your showing your colours. Keep it up…your just showing everyone what your like.
As for me l dont happen to be on meds but you need to be and thats obvious.
I also assume that your homosexual innuendos are a reference to your own habits?
Childish arent you?

So, obviously, you spend a lot of time on Grindr!! That doesn’t surprise me!!

Snowflake? You’re the one having a meltdown!! You should probably know the meaning of that word before you throw it around!!

Your a liar and if anyone is that way inclined it would be you.
One thing l will never do is make a personal attack on anyone.
Your lies are pretty sick and defamatory.
So Gavin, myself and two others are gay are we? First we were aware of the fact.

I don’t think understand that what you are writing in this forum right now, would be deemed as libelous in any court of law. You should probably pull your head in and take a chill pill. Now go away and let the adults speak!!!

You go have a protest, I’ll looked forward to the change your attempting achieve. IF you ever do manage to, I’ll be the first one to say thank you & admit I was wrong. Just saying, as your probably aware this has been brought up on this forum a number of times before, & with the Greens, Labour, DOC, Forest & Bird, not to mention local councils etc & the insignificant number of people that would actually put their name to a petition, it would be a better use of your time to either apply for a claim through the current process or to concentrate on other things in your life.

Only mentioned not following the rules, as they currently relate to the established fossiking areas. Have personally seen muppets up these areas digging banks etc

Hey Lammerlaw, You said you had a permit from January 1969, does it list the legislation/act that is was issued under? I’ve been looking online and struggling to find the correct one for that time.

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Just reads under the mining act 1926.

You would be wasting your time wouldnt you…as you said theres no gold there…or was that a lie as well?

Well this thread turned a bit pear shaped(some comments have been deleted by me)…come on people! …we simply don’t want to hear it…I know its the middle of winter…we’re all suffering from mid winter gold withdraws but there is no need for all the trawling …go gold your comments are uncalled for …there was no need for it …the reason we all enjoy this forum is because we all love everything gold with many experienced members (gogold/lammerlaw) who share their many years of expertise…many other FB groups and forums implode because of trawlers wreaking havoc…please not this one…shark fin gold…my personal opinion is go play in a fossicking area or ask permission of a claim owner is good as the status quo… any major national media attention on this subject will result in the greenies hi jacking this subject and all will end in tears…under the radar is best …just look what happened in northern California…cheers Mal … photo of my favourite piece of gold I have1


This thread got hijacked by gogold to insult lammerlaw and myself. But you are leaving his comments about gay porn, bumsex and referring to a forum moderator as a gayboy. Are you sure that gogold has experience to offer, because from reading the comments he has posted on this thread, he would appear to be a 12 yo child.

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