Trying to find this winch to buy in NZ

ye but the gold sprout wings all so.but o so
much fun

I was thinking of this too! Is it very much involved in getting a licience?

What is it - what is it?

A licience for using explosives…is it hard to get…or am I asking a rhetorical question…lol

Oh yes a licence is required and it is not all that hard to get though I never had one back in the days when I was trying to put Dynamite Dick to shame - I once got a truck full of hay and put a stick of gelignite in each bale then we drove down the road - lit one fuse after another and then dropped the depth charges off the back - it is just like a depth charge going off as a huge blast of fragmentated hay erupts - and no there were no cars on the road - that was just on fifty years ago - times have changed - once upon a time a licence was not required - but then again it was also not required to buy 20L of roundup which I can only assume had something to do with cattle drives!

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OK cool,thanks for that…is the test just being able to count backwards from 10 and shout “fire in the hole”…lol…my only experience with explosives is back when I was 8 years old and my mates older brother decided to blow up the local public toilet at Ngawhi which was in a disgraceful state…think he over did it as I remember shit going EVERYWHERE!!
Hey Lammerlaw did you do ole hay bale trick when you were running moonshine in the 70’s…hehe!

No didnt do it then when I was running moonshine - running moonshine was my last reincarnation in Kentucky!

I once built fences and used gelignite almost on a daily basis , a farmer where we were working asked us to dig a new long drop at the hut , the ground was very hard otago high country stuff, so my mate said why don’t we just blow the shit outa the old hole and the rain will wash away the evidence so we shifted the dunny , blew the hole and blew toilet paper and crap all over the hut, the water for the tank came from the roof, we had a quick clean up, when the farmer arrived a couple of days later and offered to put the billy on , we all declined saying we had just had a brew


There is a chemical you can buy here that is a “safe” explosion! it’s just a rapid expansion reaction with no ignition. kind of works like the old coke and menthos mixture, drill a hole, fill and it expands over a few hours to split anything, we have used it on residential sites that conventional explosives would of been to high risk.

I have heard of that Expando stuff but hey thats boring - and as for using gelignite for blowing new shit house holes - long drops - yep I know all about that!


Or actually just lighting a match in the after party…