Time to Share some 'secret' spots

Ah, you’re a tricky one.
The key is to go down to street view. I’ve got it now!

I can see ‘Big Yellow’ hanging in the sky and a red bordered ‘For Sale’ sign that hasnt had the details added but nope…wrong again.

Good the see the old philathro…philanthrop…phil… goodwill coming out to stave off the winter cabin fever. Tip o’ the hat to you Lammerlaw :thumbsup:

If only I could justify the 3,000km round trip, so I will watch the story unfold with vicarious enthusiasm…

100x50m patch of fuzzy dirt - Gonna be a few installments to this one, I think.

Should we ask your new Russian friend to have a go at drawing wobbly circles on GoogleEarth to pinpoint it? :joy:

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Haha I was actually thinking of throwing the challenge out to him! In fact if I had a bit of company I would love to go back to especially the second spot. Of course someone might have had a go there after all a long time has passed since I did well there.

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Yes thanks lammerlaw I loved the challenge of finding the first spot and I will go have a look there for sure one day when I’m passing through! I’m looking forward to the challenge of the second can’t wait!

I’d love to find a NZ half penny. They’re bronze, so not sure if the coin hunters vacuum them up along with the silvers?

Well that didn,t take long for all us clever ba@#@#$ds to work out, phew. Like the idea for your second possie. If you are wanting a hunting companion give me a yell, I would be only to happy to come along with someone that has far greater experience than me. I,m new to this whole gold/treasure hunting game but I love getting out with my detector and seeing what I can find. When the weather gets warmer I,m going to get into prospecting for some gold, either down south or over on the coast. Hopefully I can T up with some Paydirt members that can show me the ropes.

Cheers X-terragold

I live more than 100 miles away from it - but if I was to be given the chance to look any where I wanted then it would be possie number two. IF the item that the person who used to manage the place told me was lost there is still there then it is well worth finding. It is a gold ring but judging by the value that was quoted to me in the mid 1970s it must have been quite something and lost by someone who was very wealthy…

Todays photo - not much more but another hint none the less. I honestly do NOT know how good this place will be except to say tha tin the 1970s I found two pockets full of silvers in a few short hours and looked forward to getting back but have never managed to do so plus the fact that a very valuable ring was lost there.
The silver fern I found and the gold watch were both within the bounds of this photograph.

maybe a cricket oval or similar? Looks like the beginnings of a circle to me. I checked out the first spot last nite…was quite surprised at the drop off from the road I can imagine that digging into that bank would make the users of that little road very nervous!! Huge piles of shingle on the beach didn’t even bother having a go, maybe one day.

It is one spot where if I lived in Timaru I would go down after every storm just to have a look. I have no idea how far under the bank the rubbish tip extended - were there any signs of bottles or broken antique glass from bottles. I can certainly imagine the council tipping soil and stuff over the bank to cover it up though.

I think it is developing into the creator at the top of mt eden in auckand .

Dont you mean the exercise yard at Mt Eden out the back of that sombre imposing gray structure that looks like it would be well suited as a dormitory for politicians.
Anyway yep - your close Keith - you got the right hemisphere but there a little latitude for error there - excuse the pun.

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I didn’t get down on the beach just peered over the edge, guess I was looking for large bits of iron sticking out of the sand as in your description, there was what looked like old pier supports further down to the right? Looks like alot of overburden but im no expert on beach/sand movements…it did look like high tide though maybe at low it would be better?

I do vaguely remember what might have been one or two concrete ‘something’ on the beach. When I was there the sand had largely been stripped but later it accumulated again and since the 1970s I have called in and walked along two or three times and the sand was too deep…but IF the currents in a stormy sea once again strip the sand then I think it would be well worth while at least going for a look and if a humungous storm tore the bank away and eroded the road and stripped the beach and I knew about it right away then ‘YES’ I would travel all the way to see what I could find.

well I can see why you would find so many silvers in the latest place :slight_smile:

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If you have it then message me and I will confirm after all first guess deserves first chance!

Like SoilSurfer I went for a look today. I did get down on the beach and checked out the location of where you had marked. Not a bloody sausage to be found. Spent 3hrs giving it a good work over but only thin a got was a lump of lead. Tide and time are working against us. As you saay after a really big storm that will shift a lot of shingle would be worth going for a look then otherwise I think you will be hard pressed to get anything. A couple of photos for you Lammerlaw to show you how it is today !


Bugger haven,t quite got the hang of putting photos on here properly yet. Trial and error no doubt but I will conquer !!


good photos . I remember going down there back in the early 70s and getting mussels.