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Show us ya Gold!

In retrospect l am pretty certain that is it. Bed time? Hell its early! Right now l am lying in the bath eating a block of cheese and amusing myself looking through this site while eating wine biscuits and a block of cheese.


Living the dream Lammerlaw…don’t forget to feed some biscuits to the bath duck…lol!

I’m loving the gold porn, keep it coming! @kiwijw you definitely seem to be the one that gets out there the most, thanks for sharing! Hopefully I’ll have some to post very shortly.

Fuck the ducks…only kids have ducks in the bath. Real men have a wee play in the bath! Haven’t you ever had a wee play in the bath?

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For the first time in ten years l had a look at what l thought was my ‘as new’ xtreme. It isnt as new as l thought it was due to my sons use of it. As for me I tried it once and I have found nothing with it…zilch, nada!
Yes you are right about the coil. See how my son made the ‘quick change’ battery for long periods away. Ten second battery swap without getting an entire new battery. Mine lab must make a killing out of selling batteries taking into account the price my son paid for the motorbike one. I should sell this detector as no one uses it, it’s just a bloody ornament clogging up the hallway!

He paid it off several times over…but I saw nothing of it and paid for it initially.

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Hey Lammerlaw anychance ya could send us a txt just been reading a few posts about a place uve talked about just down the road and just want to pick ya brains on it if you wouldnt mind 0278505557 cheers

Send me a private message on this site and I will see if I can give you an answer