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Hi Gavin
Quick question regarding usernames within posts.
If a members username is mentioned within your post they receive a notification email … Correct?

I am assuming there name would have to be spelt letter for letter with no shortcuts for this to happen.


Hi @Iggy, let’s try it out… did you just get an email?

I guess the email might only happen if you’re not on the site at the time.

Regarding getting the correct spelling… after you’ve typed @ the autocomplete kicks in and provides a list that shrinks the more you type = easy to get is right :wink:

No email has arrived but when I logged in I saw notification # in top right.
That’s right forgot about the (@)

Cool thanks

                                                             [spoiler]                           ...................................[/spoiler]

Because I’m a #>*^ speller I’m often back in a post minutes later proof reading/correcting
On Paydirt you can type in your reason for the edit ie. Typo etc
It seems as if on this site a colour change and number appears for number of edits.

It’s no biggy but is there more to the edit features than this or is it keep it simple is best.

@Iggy - not tried it myself, but looks like the functionality is there…

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