Sandbox - Just for playing around

Try posting a link in from photobucket - it might even automatically render a preview for you a bit like it does with youtube videos. But it’s so easy to just drag and drop images here, that might just be a whole lot easier.

Ok thanks I will have a play in the sandpit one night

Thanks for giving it a play. Keen to get some feedback in a week or so to see which way people would like to go. Cheers.

This pic was uploaded I will try a drag drop next

This is a photo bucket pic
Had to download it from the bucket then upload it from the toolbar… Seemed to work ok although I’m thinking maybe just upload straight from photo library might be the go

You should be able to just paste in a direct link to the image rather than downloading. Direct link being too image only, not to photo bucket page with all the other fluff around it.

Works for me…

(Not my photo btw, just a link to an image someone posted on the forum previously.)

Hi there. I had forgotten about this place, or the old one actually. Lost the password a long
time ago. Was quite surprised at the invitation. Truth is I don’t remember the last time
I picked up a detector, it was before the quakes that’s for sure. Thanks for reminding me.

Good to hear from you :slight_smile: Just trying to inject a little extra life into the forum by modernising it and making it easier to use, and seeing if any lapsed members like yourself might be tempted back.

Slick new forum. Lots of new toys.:sunglasses:

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Just testing it out…

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Hi Gavin
Quick question regarding usernames within posts.
If a members username is mentioned within your post they receive a notification email … Correct?

I am assuming there name would have to be spelt letter for letter with no shortcuts for this to happen.


Hi @Iggy, let’s try it out… did you just get an email?

I guess the email might only happen if you’re not on the site at the time.

Regarding getting the correct spelling… after you’ve typed @ the autocomplete kicks in and provides a list that shrinks the more you type = easy to get is right :wink:

No email has arrived but when I logged in I saw notification # in top right.
That’s right forgot about the (@)

Cool thanks

                                                             [spoiler]                           ...................................[/spoiler]

Because I’m a #>*^ speller I’m often back in a post minutes later proof reading/correcting
On Paydirt you can type in your reason for the edit ie. Typo etc
It seems as if on this site a colour change and number appears for number of edits.

It’s no biggy but is there more to the edit features than this or is it keep it simple is best.

@Iggy - not tried it myself, but looks like the functionality is there…

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Trying to post photos

nice old padlock from waiweraafter a quick clean up