Public Fossicking Area Collaboration (Arrow River)

Bush Creek doesnt appear to have any claims on it looking at the permit map? Or am I reading it wrong?

I think bush creek has a claim pending on it.

Spent a day in the Arrow last week. Found an exposed area of bedrock that other prospectors had unearthed but no one had sucker pumped it clean…got some nice chunky gold … 0.47 grams… so get yourself a gold n gravel pump from Dan at dredgeNZ … still some good gold in the Arrow!


:“There was a creepy hobo guy living in the bushes who kept asking us if we were undercover cops!”

For everybody’s sake I hope they never return.

I think I met him. Apparently came from Auckland. When I spoke to him he was heading deeper into the bush after being chased out. But was planning on heading back to auckland to do some pan handling.

I must be lucky, or I havnt ventured up far enough haha, noticed that a digger has gone up the arrow as well. Looks like a 20ton or simmilar based on the track width when i was there today

The diggers prob repairing the road. Been some good rains this year.

Yeah the digger has cleared some rockfall that was bought down by heavy rains. I struggled to get my vehicle due to its width past a rockfall on new chums and now its been cleared. I’d been in there chipping away at the said rock to try and make it wider for ages and then out of the blue a few Saturdays ago it was cleared!

Yep Lepresean hopefully he’s stuck in lockdown up in Auckland! I’m heading down south from Nelson on Thursday so will be going back to the Arrow to clean some stones if the weather permits. I wonder how long it will take to replenish that part of the river with more yellow?

The hobo is still there, or at least the remnants of his camp are. Up the first side creek on the right

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That would be New Chums Creek.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: