Noob seeking advice

Thanks Kate…some sound advice and valued opinion.

The Minelab Go Find 40 or 60 have had excellant reviews on here. And they are reasonably priced.
As a start up machine they are well worth a look.
Good luck which ever way you go, looking forward to see what you guys get.


Thanks Shady…will definitely keep you all updated.

But not for detecting small gold though?

Yes, relic machines. Think it was the Macro GOLD Racer or something that was good on GOLD.


The best buy for you IMHO is the Makro Racer (Red) -

Hotter on small gold than the Gold Bug Pro & G2

Great on coins/relics/salty beaches - Loaded with features ALL backed up with one of the best International warranty’s -

Was on special and i am sure Brodie will look after you

As for buying secondhand - I have purchased a huge number of used equipment from all over the world and I am yet to be disappointed by a seller so do not be put off buying used, just as long as you do due diligence.

As for the AT pro - Perfect for NZ conditions, however struggles on wet mineralized sand - I am sure when the new Racer3 gets launched that particular Garrett might just lose all its gloss -

Dood luck &HH.