Mudwiggling through 2016 (part 2)

Big update…

Hunt 2016.39
Popular kids swimming spot in summer, just me and the Pukekos this morning.
$13 in goldies, a handful of old decimals and a pair of small silver earrings left on a rock ledge for safe keeping…and forgotten.

Hunt 2016.40
Quick permission hunt to kill the boredom
Another halfpenny and silver 3d, can’t be bothered sorting out the volumes of foil and leadheads here now. So crossing this spot off the list. Has probably given near a hundred coins, a fair swag of which were silvers so won’t complain.

Hunt 2016.41
Early morning beach hunt before work
Sanded in, but recent heavy rain had cause the stream at the far end of the beach to change course so gave that a go. Nuisance coppers and a few other old decimals. Nothing to rave about.

Hunt 2016.42
Dropped into another beach for an hour before work
Usually poor pickings, but a definite slope had formed.
Found where the soft sand hardened up and quickly hit a $1, turned out I was in the middle of a sweet coin line about 3m wide. Pulled $15 and a junk ring - Almost earned minimum wage! ::wink:

Hunt 2016.43
Back to the golden beach
Straight into the goldies again, continued working up the beach also nabbing a few rings on the way.
Climbed back in the car with another $16, pile of lead, and four rings - 3 925’s and a skinny 18k.
And from deep, deep down - A very intriguing blob of carbon steel, being electrolysed now.

Hunt 2016.44
New Permission! 50 ACRES right on the edge of town.
Pouring rain but keen to get into this one.
Turned up and instantly spotted the tell-tale clumps of white lilies. Headed over and spent an hour wandering aimlessly to get the lay of the land with the occasional probe hole to check for fill etc.
Lots of bits of now-absent house started turning up which proved promising and mostly from the mid to late 20’s, some of which suggested it wasn’t a poor household (Plated serving tray handle) Tagged this bit for a revisit when it’s less muddy.
Checked out a stream that flows through the block, old china and glass fragments seemed to turn up in pockets so also marked these areas for a future visit. Best of all - no pulltabs!


Oohh that serving tray handle is very fancy.
A good sign of :moneybag: I’d have to agree. Wow fifty acres will keep you busy for a while. It will be interesting to see what pops up.
Four :ring: as well…:+1:

Sexy finds there :lipstick:

good is allways good no matter what size nice work.

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just had another thought my gran used to have a poker , brush,and something else on a stand sitting beside the fire exatly the same design as that iam going for fire poker.

Good thought, and I know the fireplace sets you’re referring to, but this handle is only 6" overall and terminates in a threaded stub so would be too short.

This ticks 99% of the boxes

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Must be GOLD

Shady as.


Hunt 2016.45
Back to 50 Acre wood

Scoping run doing diagonals and general zig-zags to see if I could pick up any other hot spots.
Generally quiet as expected, with another few bits of broken china, half dozen lead heads in amongst some youngish Totaras and a couple of well oxidised musket balls, either dropped or airfalls (ie a gentle landing). Added these to the plan and am slowly building up some patterns.

Amusing bit when a guy mowing his lawn (He’d been watching me for about 30 minutes) noticed the landowner in the next block. He scuttled over to obviously report my nefarious actions given the sideways glances as he went. Then I heard the owners Cow-Cockie voice power through the Totaras, “Yeah. He’s got permission for the whole block…” Couldn’t resist making eye contact with a small smile and wave as the busybody scowled back to his garden! - I was hard up against his boundary last hunt, and will have to make sure that I check that bit again, maybe without headphones this time :smiling_imp:


Hunt 2016.46
50 Acre wood again…
Tried somewhere new, not a lot of action - lot of modern trash. Lifted what I thought was a decent ring, but turned out to be a locking ring with heavy knurling. Rather disappointed.
Will try the stream next visit, I think.

Hunt 2016.47
Up Norf
Headed up to see if anything had changed in the beaches - Still loads of sand, but some shifting in placement gave me access to another bit of the “Piggy Bank” which handed over a couple of kilos(!) of old decimals last time it was exposed. This was the first non-decimal today.

Concerted effort in one patch gave this little lot from less than a quarter square metre.

Was working a small focussed trench today and eventually cleared the decimal trash (Bloody 1’s, 2’s and 5’s!!!) out and into the pennies and silvers with a nice florin, 6d and a couple of 3d.
Ended up with 10x 10c pieces…Where’s a competition when you need one! Haha.

Spent some time chasing ghosts around a promising scallop where the bedding was only 8-10" down with dense black sand on top - Despite practically being able to smell the gold, none was found and had to walk away with just a junker. :tired_face:


Good session of about 8Hrs all up and while no trophies it was good to get out there and blow the cobwebs out of the head


While not 100% sure but pretty confident that $2 is mine next time your in ngunguru can you bury it next to the school I’ll find it😁

[quote=“chris, post:30, topic:616”]…can you bury it next to the school I’ll find it​:grin:

You’re on :wink:
I’ll let you know when I’ve made the drop

Walk the road where stripes leave the tree
Cross the path beside the sea
With learning at your back now turn to the bar
It’s lurking in the Kikuyu in front of you - but not very far.

No digging required, well, depending on how long it takes you to find it!
And also assuming no-one snipes it from under you :smiling_imp:

When (if) you find it, would be fun to move it on to someone elses territory, pass the parcel as it were.:+1:


You don’t have a gold sovereign my grandad lost by any chance

Ha ha epic idea :+1:
Good pile of coins found in #47

Hunt 2016.48
Hit and Run - With 3 boomers
Was down south in Chris’ territory today, hitting the big low tide with the AT Pro at 3am before sneaking back out under cover of daylight :wink:
Was pretty quiet target-wise, other than endless copper flecks, but the eel grass on the flats gave up 2 golden goodies for my efforts. Beauty. Stopped at an out of the way patch of community grass once I got forced out by the tide and even with the small coil, I had to disc out the ring pulls as they were just too thick and I didn’t have time to weed them out. In the back corner, near a grand-daddy Puriri (These trees always give me something) I got a solid double-hit 75, either spendable goldies or pennies. Turned out to be the latter and a 1947 penny soon dropped into the pouch. Checking the hole showed the other 75 was off to one side and out came a 1941 halfpenny. Cleared and hole, flipped the plug back in and as I pressed it in with the boot the phones gave a nice high silver tone beside me. Was hoping for a ring or a brooch given the location, but up came a nice black-silver florin.
Here’s the kill-shot after a quick rinse - Seems I peaked a bit too early for the competition :grin:

And here’s the sting, it wasn’t a florin…!!

I can only assume whoever dropped the coppers also had this in their pocket. This is definitely going on the top shelf of the cabinet.


Holy moly!!!
What a stunning coin. Superb way to end a very successful hunt.
And yes it’s been noted… You ‘would have’ been well and truly on the score board.

Nice gold too, a nice reward for a 3 am start!

what a stunner saw a guy in germany on utube find one from memory they are 60% silver great find,your mind could imagine a german general escaping the allies after the war thinking nz must be far enough away…

That’s a bucket lister for me, I know of other that have found them in NZ, good going m8

Awesome find Mudwiggle. A friend of mine brought me one back from Germany but i gave it to Graeme when he was up here.



Yep,hard to argue with that one,well mudwiggle.

Hunt 2016.49
Dawn Storm
Visited a quiet beach at the height of the storm this morning, not a lot of changes to the sand profile, but a step about 20-30cm high ran along the length of the beach. Working this back and forwards intensively gave all you see here in about 4 hours:

All the sixpences and thruppences were CuNi, but still neat to see them as it means the time machine is working reasonably well. The two silver rings aren’t worth yahooing about, one broken, and the other, well, just ugly.

Finds of the day: A really small, but intricately detailed enamelled brooch, and a 1937 coronation medalette, complete with remains of gold plating (Minted at P.J King, Melb.)

Go Hard and Good Hunting…