Monthly competitions

Mmmm yeh maybe it’s taking it a bit far. I guess as time goes by things can be tweaked and fine tuned as and if needed.

The masses will speak if they disagree with anything :smiley:

Man where did that reply come from … I must have a slow typist lol
Quite like that MW

Thanks for the offer, much appreciated.
A few we inexpensive items arrived here the other day and there has already been a kind offer of a prize donation from Atandy so that’s cool.

I’m keen to give these a go, but just wondering about holding fire a little longer until a few more members are on board so to speak.

Yep, certainly wait until the numbers build and get comfortable - maybe something to kick off in December when everyone has a little more time?

That’s an eternity away! :stuck_out_tongue:

We spend hours on end staring at the dirt, digging things that have sat there for decades - I’m sure we could survive three months of anticipation :smile:

I like the mystery date idea for a competition.

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Hi Gavin, give me a shout over the weekend. I’m more than happy to contribute prizes for your competitions. Just got back from WA, the reason why it’s been quiet from my side.

Cheers for that - much appreciated. Look forward to hearing the stories from your trip!

Got some foss mags for prizes if needed. Can send some down.



Much appreciated! @Iggy would these be best sent directly to you if you’re keen on running the first competitions?

Thanks @ShadyShane for the offer, much appreciated​:+1::blush:.Hi @gavin to be honest I’m not fully sure what’s the best way to go here, it’s no big deal really either way.
I guess to save on a lot of extra handling and postage maybe sending direct to the prize winner could be the most efficient way. But members may not be comfortable giving out there address to lots of different people? Way around this would be for prize winner to provide say workplace, friends, neighbors…address etc.

If say quite a few prizes started to roll in to my back door then not a problem storing them. But maybe the member who has donated a certain prize could start to wonder where it’s gone and why haven’t I seen it mentioned in the last comp ( I sent it three weeks ago) type of thing. Obvoiusly the person who has donated a prize wants a mention especially if they are donating a ‘branded’ item.

I have got quite a lot of pretty nice unique little prizes here which should last for dozens of completions all different and easy to post around the country, so could easily add to someone else’s donated prize or even give out as a runner up prize occasionally.

Like I say I’m pretty easy, but would be interested to hear thoughts from others who are maybe going to donate some prizes in the future or simply have something to add, all good :yum:

Yep, just a thought Iggy.
Part of running a buisiness.
I ve sent many dozens of mags to members all who had to supply an address. Part of the parcel really.
If ya wanna win a prize ya have to have an address.
It cost to send a parcel to someone. I dont mind sending a few (should the occasion arise) as its all for a good cause.


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Thanks @ShadyShane if you want to send some direct to me that’s cool, I can dustribute easily. I guess I was more meaning detector type merchandise and possibly having it hanging around for a while, but that can be addressed if and when.

Is there a competition soon?

Funny you should ask @GoldPandemic.
I was thinking of of getting going on these soon.
I will set up a new post suggesting we have one starting not this coming Friday but the following if there is ten likes or more we will make it happen if not, then it might be too soon :blush:

UPDATE please see the new post under competitions titled ‘Like if you are ready…’

And like that post if you wish to.

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Wow, I was concerned for a second about getting enough :heart:'s
Great to see a lot of detectorists suddenly emerging from the bushes :smile:

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Yes great to see, I really thought you may have had this first one in the bag PD… But it looks like you have got some stiff competition now. :blush: Good luck to all.

I’ve been saving my detecting up for this comp, I’m going to go all out :smiling_imp:

BTW what do we win? oh GLORY GLORY! :trophy: