Looks like winstons dropped us all in it

You need to learn to take a joke or 2 mate. We are all just taking the piss out of each other. You are the 1 saying to read a book about overseas mining investment, bla bla bla. All we care about is that our dredging/mining claims can be re newed. We all know that nobody here has the money to build a huge gold mine in NZ. So who gives a flying ___k about some bankers in China. No big banker is interested in my claim. It’s way to small for even anyone on trademe to care about. So as long as the new goverment doesn’t stop people from re newing claims, things will be good as gold.

And I am pretty sure you questioned my honesty about how things go from exploration to mining. What’s your story for those of us that’s don’t know who you are. Whats your mining back ground? Since everyone else here seems to be morons, maybe we will change our minds when not being preached about a special book. Those people and there books have been going on for centuries. Hahaha

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I don’t take the piss out of others, nor am I into personal comments unless some sub intellectual low life makes one first and then anything goes…to me personal. No ones preaching to you…you can either enlighten yourself or not but unless you know what your actually talking about then you may as well go and sit in a corner and suck your thumb. No one is as passionate about protecting the rights of decent honest Kiwis to have their own claim and to stop by the side of a river to have a family picnic and pan a colour or two than me and that is why I take the stance I do…but said book is the only place where I have read why you can’t do these things and explain what is going on in this country. Personally at close to the age of 70 none of the future will affect me too much but if you want your rights eroded it is none I’d my affair and thus the sheep are led to the slaughter in blissful blind ignorance.

Lammerlaw where was that book published?, i tried looking but couldnt find it.

Printed at 'The Printery, St Bathans, Otago Central, New Zealand,. The book itself uses a fictitious character but it is based on fact and I think it is basically the authors experience as a Geologist working for Oil Exploration Companies but covers all aspect of mining.
I borrowed it from one of Otagos most successful Gold Dredging Miners who operated fromthe 70s through until recentlyas he knew that it merely confirmed what I had more or less observed and worked out for myself over the years.
I have been trying to find ways of contacting the author who I think now lives around St bathans or up that way somewhere as I want a copy myself.

Theres a bunch of us that already have claims maybe you should look on the nzpam map & see for your self instead of waffling on about a book that is over 40 years old and likely not even relevant in 2017. you talk about sticking up for kiwis having our “rites” taken away well I would think the above links could be just that or are us claim owners in the same category as fat overseas bankers dancing to someone elses tune

take your pill stop waffling and go to bed - it must be bloody marvellous being a sanctimoniouos know all - your boring and tiring. Do you think I dont keep up with the map you speak of…and so what if the book is old - its more relevant to this day than it ever was but you need intelligence to work that out.

its bloody interesting really hop on to a gold mining forum looking for a little support when the chips may be down & instead find a little old troll saying GOOD STOP HAVING YOUR FUN I DONT HAVE A CLAIM SO NO ONE SHOULD mutter mutter fat bankers bla bla wang wang lol , are you sure your on the rite web sight maybe you should side with miss sage on the green forum , bizarre

Here we go - when you get personal to others then expect same in return - as I said take your pill and go sleep it off - your showing your babyish nature - whose the troll - it aint me…just look at your childish words above - they just show your nature - It is not a case of supporting you because in actual fact you might find I DO because I want my son and hismates to be able to gold mine well into the future as well as you and all good decent Kiwis - BUT I think you are wrong about Winston as it is only the big timers I think hes put a stop to in National Parks AND there plenty of places for you to mine…you cant run out. So why be petty? There has been no mention of stopping YOU from taking out claims and theres thousands of laces you can i ndeed take them out. I do not think any government will stop that - but it has got harder over the years and i have no doubt that it will get harder yet…more the pity. The National park thing was long before Winston after all wasnt it the Blackadders knew of a very rich Gold bearing area within the bounds of a National Park years ago and tried to get the crown to do a trade with them for an equally valuable piece of land they owned and the crown would have nothing of it - and that was years ago!

@Lammerlaw I caught up with Brian Jackson yesterday at his place in St Bathans as hes not far from where my claim is. Spent about 5 hours with the bloke picking his brain re the history of the area etc. His back ground is as an investigative journalist and hes a top bloke. If you want his contact details PM me.

@GoldStampX gota agree with you on your points about the ease it is to mine in NZ vs the Yukon. Spent some time in Canada and can attest to your thoughts raised in your post. And that doesn’t take into consideration how much of a harsh environment the Yukon is compared to NZ. I think you also hit the nail on the head in terms of the risk vs reward nature of mining. The nature of large scale gold mining is highly capital intensive before the first gold is even extracted. The probability of the venture going peer shaped is high and it is for this very reason why I believe state owned mining in NZ is not viable.

@sootypete my gut feeling on this is small scale mining operations (suction dredging) on doc land is not going to be affected by this announcement. The reason being is rivers or streams in most cases are not owned by DOC but instead by LINZ. The second reason is even if they were this is a very low impact activity that I think would be stomachable by DOC. If you have an existing permit already for mining on DOC land as you say (and im assuming this is for suction dredging) this at least allows you to take the time between now and when your permit expires to “prove” to the authorities that what your doing is having a negligible impact on the environment giving you leverage come renewal time.


While LINZ may manage the riverbeds, doc in general manage the marginal strips (Queens Chain), which in general shouldnt affect mining, DOC may get tough on the use of the m.S. to facilitate mining operations, just something to be ready for. I paid for a concession years ago to use the marginal strip for camping etc in support of my claim, so I have no problems, but thought I would share here.