Health and Safety

after reading through this post I find that I as well as others are not taking this seriously enough. there are so many things that can go wrong. at the end of the day you are cold so after lighting the fire you stand in front to warm up in your wet suit BUT you stand to close so the rubber melts and sticks to your body. bugger you now have molted rubber burns . another case is you have put on your dry suit with out getting all the air out and no weight belt next thing you know mr blobby is floating out of control down the river towards the rapids and waterfall. how bout you put to much weight on the belt, fall into the river and cant reach the surface, hello to mr ell. you are now fresh meat. how do you explain to the missis all the big hickys "I was wrestling an anaconda under water and it kept sucking onto me, now this may be the worse case to your safety and health .
well this is just a few , so stay safe out there


that’s true but I would imagine divers are aware of those potential problems and filling out forms wont stop that happening.

You’d think OSH would have prevented all those forestry worker deaths!

It would be nice in dangerous industries (working in a river) where a hundred miscellaneous bad things could happen. That the top requirement is for the worker to be fit, experienced & capable in the job (eg can swim & dive), has a good sense of safety and self preservation aka A LOT OF COMMON SENSE!

common sense… what the hell is that???
isn’t that some thing you burn after you have been smoking something inside you shouldn’t?

Nah it’s something they uninstalled in peoples born after 1990…

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Now it’s " common sense " to perform a drug test on the individual after an accident. Pushes the blame onto the individual not the company

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Its simply a ‘Slave State’ or ‘Police State’ and WE are the poor bloody slaves…Hitlers henchmen are alive and well - ‘SEIG HEIL MEIN FUHRER’ The over educated textbook Bastards dont realise that not only are they putting the noose around our necks but also their own - oops I forgot - Text book educated gay bois might be able to regurgitate the rules, regulations and text book crap - but they cannot think for themselves! The following is a typical DoC, OSH and P&M employee…apparently this guy was harrassing someone for a Health and Safety issue.

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Amen! Godzown has been taken over by the leftist/socialist bludgers who are systematicly destroying this country and its society. I hope all those who voted for winston first are ashamed of themselves, for it is they who are responsible for the pretence of a government we have now. I thought New Zealand could see after the Clarke government, the nonsense the green influence would have on this wonderful country. God Help New Zealand, for a useless portion of its people are hell bent on destroying our freedom and turning NZ into yet another socialist nightmarish failure.

Sorry if I ranted off topic, but I believe it is all related. The wankers who wish to stop kids climbing trees, ruin playgrounds by making them rubber safe, turn kids into snowflakes, are the same nutters who are now in charge of our adult “playgrounds”. They want to stop us fossicing for gold, stop us hunting, stop us eating meat “meat is murder!” Stop us going into the back country for any reason, because unless we are the “First people of the country” we live in, we are transgressing, dishonering…etc etc. It makes me want to vomit…copiously!


A mate of mine has a long bar right beside him on the face … he says it’s better than having nothing

Some great points, and happy new year!
Firstly I think we should be a wee bit glad nz first were there to soften the blows of what labour\ greens actually wanted to do, ie taxes, water on farmers…
However all the promises made by everybody at last election, I thought we’d all be living in the land of prosperity.
Worst ever hand wringing , get a working group to look at that, not our fault government ever. And when our prime minister goes overseas to talk to a major summit and talks about open borders, and globalism… Sorry who is she representing? Maybe 5℅ of NZers?
Sorry about the rant, Happy new year to everybody on here!