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Gold Bug problem

Hi ya overdog, been a while since have caught up,
Wish i had an answer for ya to fix the Bug!,
Equinox 800 looks pretty dam good to me, will be me next purchase in a couple of months, small coil for the gold looks pretty impressive,
Me trusty Minelab 70 has done me well over the past 9 years with a fair few ozs taken.
A hint of spring in the air so back out for a swing this weekend if the weather holds,
If you purchase a NOX wouldnt mine haven a look at it if that be ok,
Cheers and roll on summer
E-terra Steve

I have a Nox and 6" coil and indeed its deadly on gold, gold at 0.0xx of a gram can be found at some reasonable depth, I would rate it up there or possible exceeding my Gold Monster 1000 and leaves my Gold Bug pros for dead.

Hey buddy! Yep been a LONG time! Need to sell the WRX before I can invest in another beeper but hopefully that wont be too long. Need to have a yarn about your old claim… pm sent.

Hey cheers for the info on the 6’’ coil, must be pretty dam good to rate it next to the GM 1000 for the smaller bits!

Sending it to Rob at Puiaki supply. They can tell me if its fake or not and can repair it so fingers crossed.

Did you get my message Steve?

Yep Puiaki supply is who I got my GB pro and 2 coils off after nearly buying Chinese on line twice Good luck with the repairs

If they tell you what was wrong it would be great if you could post the info… I’d like to hear the results, They seem good, I’ve purchased from them before, knowledgeable folk. If it comes back they can’t fix it don’t throw it out and NEVER let them keep it. I know all too well how service centers work :slight_smile:

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think puiaki supply would think twice about reusing parts in their products if its a knock off and if its genuine and fried probably wont be much they can use anyway. personally id let them keep it. if they can use anything to help get someone going id tell them go for it.

Hi ya mate, sure did, i replied that day, sent you a pm looks like you never got it ?

Nah man, nothing my end lol!

Bugger bloody thing is not doing as it should, some random address comes up in the window, and sends the message some where, took me half a hour to type LOL, anyways if you want to catch up some time can do soon, let me know what suits 0221306686 cheers am away in the US in three weeks time for 10 days, might have to bring the NOX with me !!

Keen as mate- when the rivers go down and the mighty Bug is fixed Id be on for a catch up! Txt you later, cheers man!

Right- Robert from Puiaki Supply the Fisher dealer ( shameless plug ), electronics guru and all round good bastard has looked at my Bug control box. Doesn’t think its a Chinese knock off and cant find anything wrong with it.
He thinks my problem may be the coil.

Anybody have a spare 5 or 10 inch coil they want to part with?

he thinks? why doesn’t he plug a coil in and see, he must have one there somewhere, but then your problem was happening with your coil disconnected, I tested my gbp with no coil and it gets no response at all, yours was going nuts with no coil. something fishy is going on with your fisher :slight_smile:

Dunno man. I trust Rob, and Im sure he would have tested thoroughly. At least its not a knock off. Just need another coil to test.

I’m too far away from you as I’d of course let you test one of my coils but there has to be someone around where you live with a GBP. If you don’t end up finding someone nearby I could post a 5" up to you.

I can put a video up of my GBP with and without a coil and how it behaves if you like.

Sooooo- got my control box back from Rob at Puiaki today. Just got home, put it back on the detector and slapped a battery in. Tested.

Works bloody perfect. Just like my previous Bugs.



How odd, great news though! are you sure there wasn’t some crazy emi source around when you were using it? I assume you tested it at more than one location? No wonder he said there was nothing wrong :slight_smile:

Beats me Simon. Solar flare? Earth axis tilting? Witchcraft? Will take it for a swing down the river when they go down a bit and confirm it’s working ok. Then it’s for sale to fund a Nox…