Bent trigger guard

There’s another good one by Roxburgh I saw while working over there down the end of awikiki rd. Just looked it up on the wams site and on nz imagery you can see it! It’s still got stuff on the deck like coiled steel cable etc.
I have found bit’s of those vial’s but that’s the only whole one I’ve found, must be a tad heartbreaking watching them shatter…

I perved Google Earth but cant find it boo hoo! I thought that it would be marvellous to see. Is it the one that sank in the river - I think the one that sank might have been named the Jubilee?

It may be, Google wams (walking access nz) find Roxburgh, it’s a couple of kms upriver of town, and nz imagery in the boxes and there she’ll be…

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Oh so it is that ripple - does any of it poke out of the water at say an average flow or is it just under. Amazing - I never knew that it was there.

At normal flow she is visible, pretty sure you can see the main structure, and low flow you can see coils of steel rope and bent metalwork etc on deck. She was a large boat. Amazing we were building these locally at the start of the 1900’s, they were big endeavors.

Yes that is true but then again New Zealand was world leader in gold dredging at the time. My grandfather remembered going with his mother in a stage coach to visit his father who was constructing a gold dredge at a place my grandfather called ‘Long Gully’ which was at Roxburgh. Where exactly that is I have no idea. I would like to go and see it one day…so that is on my bucket list - unless I wake up dead first…the way my wife was looking at me the other day when I was going to drop kick her cat over the back fence waking up dead first is on the cards!


Haha! Well it was good to hear your yarns first!
Yes it’s incredible how it all started here, all from Mr. Sew hoy watching the otago harbour being deepened. My uncle whilst demolishing old Cromwell for the dam found an old spoon dredge, like a giant magnifying glass with no glass and I believe a canvas sack they literally scraped along the river bed. I know there’s a long gully in Bannockburn…