Baby Silvers and new oldest coin

Damn that’s a fair bit of nice silver rings.
You are killing it on the spendables!
I LOVE that three pence. Score. :dart:
That’s a cool date aswell.

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Cheers mudwiggle that makes more sense. After staring at it for a good five minutes I can finally see the NZR haha

Same here gp. Not a rare coin or date but loving the design and colour so that earnt it a case

very cool silver rings,nice work

Headed to Christchurch for a little day trip and found the odd leftover

~1875 Half Penny
~1934 Florin
~1936 Sixpence


Just have to love those silvers. - back in the 1980s I found many silvers but of course they are getting much scarcer now but its always great ti see that some of you guys get the odd one and more now and again.


She’s looking a bit prettier after a clean up

heaps of them still out there though just gotta swing low & slow in the hunted out areas and pick out the deeper targets or one better find virgin grounds which there’s still plenty of


I LOVE that button mate!

check if the 1875 halfpenny is a heaton mint one H under the date its a key date you wont get rich but its worth a fair bit more.

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