Anyone one have any ideas on inserting hot water hose into wetsuit

arrr good point with the hose floating and im on the queenstown area cold rivers and the heat exchanger has a safety valve so if it gets to a certain temp it opens up and lets the steam and hotwater escape we dont have a tool shed but we do have mitre 10 and remarkable tools and safety they sell compressor hoses brass fittings etc i just want to be careful how i set it up dont want to be buying hoses and parts fittings etc that i didnt really need you know…

Started with heat exchanger then got a drysuit and would not go back to HE. Too much pissing about and alot more to go wrong/break/fiddle with. Shit load easier to get into a drysuit let alone a freezing cold damp wet suit also… KISS principle especially dredging, its hard enough already.Also taking a piss in your wetsuit…good luck with that.


Sure. They are great until you rip a hole in it. And then another… .

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yea thats what i had been told then you have to ship it back up north to get repaired and have been told it can take a while to get it back etc…i will give one a go at some stage as i hear oceandry do a gold dredgers dry suit which looks really good but im going to do this HE first as the guy that dredges up from me has HE and swears by it toasty warm i have also seen what can go wrong burns etc so i have got a good one that has a relief valve set at a certain temp that goes off and stops the flow to diver and releases it at HE

hey bro yea am thinking about dry suit but im going to go with top of the line HE with plenty of safety systems on it and have heard only great things so ill give it a go and i might also get a good dry suit one built for dredgers from oceandry and yep your right keep it simple is a good philosophy in this game !!! i just want to get as much knowledge as i can on getting the hose into wetsuit right i have seen some pretty good set ups so im going to do my best to make it comfortable in my wettie and make sure i have warm water going to all parts of my body as the river i dredge is COLD AS ALL HECK even more so when you get snow melt…