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348 Illicit NZ Detecting hobbyists?

Yes you are dead right one of the boys came across a chap in the Gardens digging holes with a spade to he said you better be out of here .
A lot of detectors been sold now to people now that do not no the rules or how to dig a plug and think sports fields are are fear game with a spade.

Heh you’ve got the wrong their - its their not there. This is fun. I had a big day gold mining and now l have indulged a little too much…your fault John…loved the Glenfiddick. Sons spreading gold nuggets all over the table. Jealous! Well Roy l can only say that l like ladies holes!

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Photos, or it didn’t happen. Glenfiddich going to your head. :wink: I have heard there is no gold at your place. :joy:
Thanks for the time there, or is that their? :laughing:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Sad to say we arent photohygenic or what ever the word is…didnt read your comments above until now and hes put them in his bottle and l am at the gate.
No theres no gold at my place- it’s a cross between an optical allusion and iron pyrite.
I am getting too old for this caper.
It was great to have you here and welcome any time…in fact looking forward to next time. Bring wife’s sister!
On a serious note l have to go home today but may be on the Coromandel within two weeks…unsure as yet.

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Hi John. Just back from my place… Monday about 0.67 gram, Tuesday l walked all Timber gully and wore myself out for two pieces totalling. 16 gram and yesterday was a total failure until it was nearly time to go and stumbled on 6.76 grams. There was more there but my son got it. I came home with nearly 8 grams and he got over 8 grams. Hard work though. My son has to sell some of his gold so we may put some on Trademe though l will also buy some.

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Now knowing your country, you deserve all the gold you find for the effort required. Me thinks your son should give you some of his gold. Hasn’t he found thousands of $$ worth using YOUR GP Xtreme, that he kept. :wink: I know deep down you are just a big softy & a giver.

Take care.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

It was a fjfty/fifty deal to use the extreme but when it was time to take it l said no. He has to sell to raise funds for a garage and l was looking at it yesterday…its nice stuff that he got.

He may sell about five ounces that I have here though I am paying his share in the gold claim so will take some in exchange for his share.