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Yoda from darwin


Hey everyone been in darwin 20yrs now I get back every so often to see me oldies.ive been detecting for 12 years chaseing gold to start with around pinecreek then got in to coin and relics in the last year or so.iv had some good finds up here 1857 penny 1881 shilling 1875 threepence 1885 half crown plus a few others.i enjoy coin shooting for goldies best day $316 awesome day .im coming back for my daughters wedding in nov heading up to karikari peninsula and wounder what its like on the beaches up their or parks to detect im bringing my mine lab exsplorer 2 and 705 so should have some fun ill post some of my aussie finds so you can have a look thanks




Nice finds :slight_smile: Good luck on the KariKari Peninsular part of my old stomping grounds many years ago


Hi yoda I tried a campground at the end of ramp rd a couple of weeks ago I only spent an hour because of the weather but worth a go just ask any local for directions


Sup Yoda
KariKari Peninsula my favourite fishin spot. Plenty of endless beaches there to choice from.

May the force be with you.



Thanks guys i been talking to my daughter and shes lining me up some old homestead sites that belong to my new son inlaws famiily awesome. beach detecting is new to me i try to stay away from the beach up here because of the crocs dont wannt to get eaten.i mainly detect the old mining camps 1880s 1900s about an hour from darwin .also the army camps from the second world war lots of them 303 and 50 cal every where .the parks up here are lightly detected so some good goldie hunting in some of them .last time i came back 4years ago i had a look around my grandmothers house in the papamoa hills and had a ball the oldest coin 1896 penny 36 pennys 12 half pennys 5 three pence 1 six pence 4 shillings and a gold rubie scrab bettle broach gran lost in the 50s i love old home steads cant wait to fly heres a few more pics


Nice finds Yoda. Those buttons are in good nick, very cool.
No crocs here which is good… couldnt imagine a giant salty creepin up on ya while detecting.



Had a quick hunt last night and pinged $67.oo a 25 cent timor coin and a love peace medelan


Hey guys on a bit of a run finished work early so hit a spot thats done well before cracked the ton awesome afternoon


Some nice finds there Yoda, wow that’s a lot of coins for one hunt!


Thanks iggy darwins parks are lightly detected or im lucky we have a lot of outdoor festivals up here that people seem to drop a lot of 1&2 dollar the way I am a born and bred kiwi im a mount maunganui boy been in darwin 20 years this November go the blacks my wife hates it over a decade of loseing the bleds cup awesome