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When you've got to go... scupper


Figured my latest wet suit mod might bring you guys a few laughs and maybe scare a few tourists in the bush…

They didn’t have neon pink ones unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a wet suit scupper so I don’t need to pee in my suit and don’t have to take the top piece off to get out. Just unbutton the beaver tail and away you go.

Still need to give it a run.


Struth has the female one got an insert so that a connection can be made - what WILL they think of next! Cant think of anything worse than sex in a skin diving suit!


its not very big you might need an extension . I had a small zip put in my wet suit


Nah, it’s cold water mate - it’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Won’t need a condom!


Hmm thats true but I am sure the lady in question would need to be the ‘Iron Maiden’