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What are good headphones for my detector?


Hey , anybody out there know what good quality headphones I can get for my goldbug 2 and where from ? Cheers


Try Puiaki Supply. They should be able to help.




Thanks Shady, you pointed me in right direction. Cheers


Thats cool Trucker. Wasn’t sure if they sold single units such as head phones - as they do sell Fisher detectors. Sure they would have stared you in the right direction.



I’ve been using radio earmuffs for a few years with ‘audio in’ function and they work pretty well. Obviously good for other things as well.


My garrett phones packed up a while ago so ive been using a set of cheapies that came with some sort of gift set (too imbarrising to mention). A 3.5 to 5mm plug convertor to the jack.
There is no volume on these phones so i just hang them round my kneck. They are just loud enough to be heard this way.



Ohhh come on Shady, you can’t tell half a story!
The gift sounds intriguing :gift:


Went off to work this morning thinkin “now that ivé posted that someone is bound to ask” … sure enough. Wasn’t actually a gift but part of some gifty setty thing.

And of coarse i made the whole thing up cos no-one in thier right mind would wear these… right.

Shady as



Very stylish! My mind was thinking a lot more grubbiness than Nivea.
Thanks for sharing


There ain’t much grubbier than nivea… my mind is boggling.

Gettin Shady’er by the minute.