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Weekend bits and pieces


some silvers and some interesting bits rearly nice eta winged guilded button london made stil to find out who it belongs to,would have been nice winged angle type car mascot maybe and to finish off a perhaps 1800s buckle.good luck.IMG_2075IMG_2076IMG_2077IMG_2078IMG_2080IMG_2079


When I was looking up my Aberdeen button I learned that the UK has a serious group of button collectors, NZ has had one of note, but she collected Art Deco. I’d start with a name search and reverse image search and then look at the society and/or museum that holds said company details.
Nice finds.


Very nice assorted items there Roy. Nothing like mixing it up and making locate a target that little bit more exciting wondering what it will be this time.
The thrill of the hunt !!!


Fantastic button, I’d be really happy with that find. They were very well made pieces in times past.


Nice finds Roy For me its the not knowing whats next that keeps it interesting - that and wondering about how these things came to be where we find them