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Using a camping gas hot water heater for dredging


I’ve seen on trademe gas hot water heaters for about 300.i was thinking using as hot water for dredging as it a reliabe and stable heat. At the momonet we have a hot water heater on one of our 6.5 Hondas. But does not produce the heat and flow needed.has any one done this or any other surgeations maybe a heater on each motor


Im putting one on tomorrow and trying the cold water out chasing some shiney stuff not sure if I’m mad or insane.I have read that you need a good filter on the out let of the dredge as it blocks the unit up and water flow stops.Ive tried it with just a 12v pump and seems to work fine was a nice warm shower at the end of the day to once I got out of my suit.


I havnt used any hotwater yet, but have often thought about it. There are a lot of stories about getting burnt by a heat exchanger type system, which is off putting, but this just leads to better research and planning. What I have researched so far is that: 5.5 hp motors dont really produce enuff volume of heat to be entirely satisfactory in producing HW, 9 hp and above are much more betterer; Check filters tregularly, as a block on the intake will mean water in the system will turn to steam as the waterflow will have stopped; have a a HW resrve reservoir as this will help reduce steam from flowing up the lines; use a hotwater tempering valve, which shuts down water flow if a certain temperature is breached. As I said earlier, I have never used a hotwater system, so this is what my research has lead me to consider if I was to use a heat exchanger.
Now, I have also considered the califont, so here are some ideas for what it is worth. The would effectively be safer than a heat excchager, as water flow is what ignites them, no water flow, they stop, so way way safer. This being said, you will need a power source for the igniter, Bosh, have battery powered ones and/or ones that ignite when the water flows based on a small hydro generator. However, gas will be an additional operating cost, and I am unsure as to how much gas would be used , probably allow for 10 kgs for every 2 days, so if your on the yellow this shouldnt be a problem. Now a lot of califonts have a safety cut out after 20 mins of operation, so just guessing now, this is to stop some components from burning out, so will a califont be druable in the long term, say you burn one out ever month or so, probably not a problem if your on the yellow, but still need consideration. Well thats my ten cents worth, for what its worth.


Is it not cheaper to buy a bigger dry suit and wear more layers underneath it? I only use a 7mm two piece and custom gloves and never been bothered with the cold even with ice in the gorges. But a dry suit and full mask sounds way more appealing to me. Less to take in and maintain


Id also highly recommend these

Heated vests and wetsuits, surfers use them so they take a good hit.


hi all fellow yellow hunters, i have built two califont units and had no troubles. just got to remember to have ball vavle at your hip and turn off and on every twenty minutes to reset califont. 9 kg bottle last about 18 hours. No water thru unit no hot out and no steam safe as. A good filter is needed. And remember to carry two spare d size batteries, they last forever but a bugger when they go flat and you dont have spares


Yeah so used my hot water yesterday in what I can best describe as bloody cold water and yes it’s true the unit shuts off after awhile as I found out with a shot of cold water down the back ,oh well was good while it lasted.Now to find out how to override the timer.In the mean time I haven’t noticed the cold seeing lots of shiney stuff going up the nozzle think that’s what they call a fever.


Hi goldsmo, i tried to get manufactures electrical detailes but their reply was it was a safty feature so the unit didnt overheat. Its not a fever just a bloody good past time