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Still prowling with Number8wire


Here’s the cleanup from today’s hunt with Erickd. We were going to try a couple of new locations but it didn’t work out, so back to an old reliable spot.
Ended up with 15 silvers, a couple of old badges, a Returned Soldiers badge (not Returned Services)…bit different from my others!
Also, the usual pennies and other bits.

Happy hunting.


Nicely done indeed N8, that’s some real nice stuff for the new page!
Those badges look in pretty good shape too, I love badges but struggle to find very many at all.

Welcome aboard


Another hunt from earlier in the week. Some cool medalette type coins and a neat old Victorian breath mint cannister top. I have “negative imaged” the medalettes to try and see them a little more clearly. The shield one is a gaming token based on a guinea, not sure what the Victoria head one is. The possible “time check” one is interesting…number 75 but can’t make out the wording around the top…another mystery to solve…get in the queue…lol



…also, forgot to add the two silver items. Part of a Victorian locket and a weird .925 pendant of some kind…


Interesting one 75 year anniversary to something Ie Diamond but looks a wee bit plain for that maybe?

On the left I think I can make out W or V then E R T
On the right ? Then A H although at times I thought I saw ( I A M)

Cool old finds


Says WERT MARK, German?

Nice haul of silvers as usual (what do end up doing with your coins?)
Glad to see you got to add a rare to that amazing collection of medals there.


Thanks Gold Pandemic, you solved it for me!
Yes, it’s a German token called a Werth Marke. Issued from 1871 to 1943. Another cool token to add to the collection…awesome!


Your good alright GP…:ok_hand:Check this out


Thanks, the others are a little more difficult.
If you hold them under a lamp, sometimes getting the angle right can reveal the letters.


Finds from last night’s hunt with Erickd. Managed 8 silvers including a very worn 1873 Brit shilling, an old school badge, a crown badge, a poor old lead soldier missing his head and feet, a lead projectile an the usual scrap and spendies.

GL & HH all.


I like it Andrew. Here we are. Mean as thread and finds.



great stuff andrew nice silver items,


Today’s hunt with Erickd brought me seven silvers, a set of sterling “Ancient Order of Froth Blowers” cufflinks…incredibly, my second set of these!..and the usual pennies and other bits.



Cool cuff links N8… Just did a quick search on them. Pretty hard case really :beer:…who would have thought.


good one andrew,still some old english coins comeing out


Nice. Cheers :beer:



Those cufflinks are really cool. :sparkles:


Last night’s hunt with Erickd scored me some real cool stuff. Five silvers including a nice 1878 Vicky shilling, an H.J.Hall trade token, a neat little .925 Unicorn charm, an 1889 penny in great nic and a “Tasmania” badge…but coolest of all, and my favourite find of the night, the head of a very old (possibly Victorian, probably Edwardian) toothbrush! cool is that!?! Hard to tell what material it’s made from but definitely a silvered alloy of some kind.
Awesome fun hunt.



Wow, some nice keepers there!
Man that toothbrush is way cool.
The :unicorn: Is sweet too, good job


Cool. Those HJ Hall tokens must have been widespread, we found one up here in the bay a few years back.