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Some recent finds from the beaches


Thanks for looking.


hi metalkiwi nice finds there,is that first ring gold and platinum.


Not to bad for a Jafa Chris


Hi Beep. Not sure. I think it is stainless with gold plating but probably need to get it checked.



Juggling and farting allowed. Jafa’s are cool. :slight_smile:


The two shillings has a nice bit of character about it. Could you tell what year it was?


Yes Gavin it is 1917 and my first Australian Florin.


Very nice finds Chris. Happy Hunting.



Thanks Shane.
Hope your getting ready for all the tourists dropping stuff up north this Summer.



Indeed. Lookin forward to serious hunting. Ace is in a bit of conflict will sort him out.
Been busy moving of late will be a while before i can get out properly.

Need to catch you up next couple of weeks. Happy GOLD Hunting till then.



Great finds and very shiny


The ring is 14k white gold.


I like my gold to be yellow, and usually in flake form. Lol