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Some interesting stuff today


had a hunt with cosmo today not much silver but can anyone id the fancy type clamp maybe a kind of skirt lifter book marker? also a public school cadet pin has edward vii emblem on it.good luck.IMG_2113 IMG_2115 IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119


Push bike brake assembly maybe.



My bet is that the top item is a music holder to hold sheet music to a stand. It is spring loaded like a large paper clip which you squeeze, it opens, and you put the paper in - Fuck - reminds me of my wife - she plays an infernal device called the Viledin!


I think that cadet badge was find off the day Roy.


thats it lammerlaw when i first saw it i thought it was something off a instrument.must be from a brass band


Yes indeed - they went onto your tooter thing - trumpet or whatever.

The Edward VII School Cadet badge is bloody marvellous as well - top find.


it cleaned up well ill post a pic later