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Social Christchurch hunt this coming weekend


Anyone keen to join me for a social hunt this coming weekend, I don’t have any location in mind as yet but happy to discuss. Quentin


Just a wee bit far away for me, but there’s lots going on in Canterbury. I’m sure someone will be keen.
Mmmmmm a thought just so you don’t ‘spook’ anyone, could be an idea to start off with just the one detector! :blush: Although two may well double your competition chances.


How far south are you Iggy? I’m planning on heading to Cromwell in a few weeks and for a hunt session / gold adventure if you wanna catch up or join


Hi @qgstrydom I’m down in Dunners. If your coming through this way I’d be keen to meet up. One hiccup though It wouldn’t suit during the school holidays and the week after.


Will keep that in mind and keep you posted


Cool, good luck in Central Otago