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So You Want Spooky?


Page Memorial Shelter, Temple Basin, Mt Cook.

Looks spooky to me.


spent many a night in the hooker hut in the 70s when I was climbing never heard a ghost only keas on the roof. as for the temple or page hut in temple basin spent a night or two there when I lived in arthurs pass , now that’s a different story. people walking round the hut in the night when you are the only one in the hut.


Pretty sure these ghosts just want someone to make them a hot cup of coffee.
That’s what I’d do. And some company, it’d get lonely up there.


at 1 or 2 in the morning they can make their own bloody coffee


I’ve heard a lot of locals won’t go anywhere near this hut, and often trampers will leave in the middle of the night and tramp out rather than stay any longer. Very intrigued!

Any chance of the full story from you? Would love to hear it! And, would you advise / warn against giving the hut a visit? Really freaked you out, or just noises?


Only scary noises I’ve ever heard in a hut was my mate farting copiously all bloody night! I too was very nearly forced to leave in the middle of the night.


Lol, could be a problem for my tramping buddies too! :stuck_out_tongue:


A Ghostly Page from the History of Temple Basin - Old Haunts…


I’ve heard stories of the old cookhouse in Branch’s station being incredibly haunted by old boy’s making their cuppa in the morning, tramping all around the quarters and opening and closing doors while bloke’s I know lie wide eyed in there sleeping bag’s. I once had a door slamming open and shut for absolutely no reason in an old hut in moa creek…


Sander Jain is an outdoor-photojournalist with a comprehensive approach to wilderness, Natural History and conservation topics. His work explores the interface between the human realm and the greater natural context. His work appears in such publications as BBC Wildlife, GEO, and Explore Magazine.



Ha, well… The deep web has been breached…


So…You want spooky. A Prospectors Story. Enjoy. Cheers