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Shady Aftermath


To the other side of the Bay

Off to the other side of the Bay to tee up with Chrisyboy and Ed. Sun shining very hot 25c and a beach chockers with people. They started to disperse around 6pm so we could get a clear run.
Beach was well sanded in but we still managed to pull some coin.
Finds were few and far between so i started to dig iron signals. Most were rusted moderns as seen to the left of pic two.
Close examination when home i discovered a crusted up NZ shilling of George v.

Trip # 202
15 coins all up. One a silver shilling
NZ 19?? silver shilling




“Guess who’s Back - back again - Shady’s back - tell a friend”.

Off to Whangerai to hang out with Crisyboy. Rained alot so we settled in with guitar and refreshments. Was good to get out of town for a while.
Hit my secret spot X on the way home for a quick one hour hunt. Pulled some decimals from the muddy ooze. They were well preserved and some came out shining. Close to the waters edge i dig down thru the mud and rock with a screwdriver - left me diggin tool at home! and out pops what i thought was a piece of pipe. gave it a quick rinse and i could make out some silver stampage, yah.
Also found a picture in my bag when i got home.

Trip #203
Spot x on the way home.
1 goldie, 9 coins all up and a chunky old STG SIL ring.




Excellent welldone.Looks old.
Love it when you think it’s junk, until the wash up.


Reckon a few of those rings have been thrown in the trash by detectorists thinking they were bits of pipe - I’ve nearly done it.


Yep, I collect all sorts of junky looking things.
Clean up is the most exciting time of my hunt.


I most certainly wouldn’t wear something like that. Was glad to find a silver mark on it tho. It has a makers mark - MR



Might be Michael Rill


Searched for a makers mark and could not find the one. It’s a fancy MR inside of a circle.



Manoah Rhodes maybe?


Great finds…me jellyarse.


it looks like the leopard head mark for london,look for london goldsmith makers marks


Cheers everyone. Below is a state of the art diagram of said hall mark.




Shady Aftermath Returns

An update from the last three hunts.

Trip # 204
Across the Bay.
Back to spot x for the lowest tide of the year hunt. Picked up another chunky silver.
2 goldies, 9 coins all up and a large .925 ring.
1964 NZ 3p

Trip # 205
North across the Bay
4 coins all up, decimals.

Trip # 206
Back south across the Bay.
Highlight of the day was a chicken kabab and hotdog from that little takeaway next to the servo.
2 goldies, 7 coins all up, and a brass key.
1957 NZ 6p
1973 NZ 10c
1991 NZ $2
2003 NZ $2
2 x NZ 50c modern
1 x NZ 20c modern


Nice one, going hard!
Got some heavy corrosion there, even on the 3p, like the look of that $2
Where is .925 ring picture?


Cheers Pandemic. Yes, heavy corrosion on the modern coins. In a few years to come they will no doubt perish at that rate.
The 3p is non silver so no patina just a light crust.
Will update pics of the ring this week.



Oh, darn not a silver one.
I’ve looked around the world and personally I feel our predecimal coins were the prettiest with their pictures of nz native fauna. Shame that even back then we appreciated the endemic wildlife, but did not realise their endangerment.


Yes the Huia Bird features on the NZ sixpence (printed that one up wrong as a 3p). Became extinct many years ago from deforestation and the fondness of its tail features.
The NZ sixpence was 50/50 silver from 1933 - 45, as were all our silvers, then copro-nickel from then on.

The silver ring.



Guess who’s back - back again - Shady’s back - tell a friend.

Back again and i have some finds. Xmas time i was up North at Mt Camel for a week.
went for a detect, the sand was wet and mega deep but the christmas time camping ground scenery walkin by was nice… Had a great time with leftover refreshments each morn for breakfast.

Trip # 207
Hohoura. 2 coins. An old lure and a tin badge of ship style with anchor.

Thought i found GOLD, but it was an old tin badge.



Man, I hate that aerated sand. Did you try up the river beside the camp? I’ve always thought that’d be the sort of place mums would take the wee’uns with lots of fingers digging in the sand…


Yes the sand was soft and mega deep. Couldnt find a thing.
Found a couple of coins under the camp ground that was it.