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Shady Aftermath


Sup yall - Here to go hard.




First hunt for Paydirt Community.

You all know me as creamer from Paydirt - lets do it. Went for a hunt to kick off the new thread.
Down the road and i’m goin along when i get this mean as signal, dig down and roundness hard out. A 1927 Italia 5 Lire .835 silver - dig it.

Trip # 199

Down the road for hunt.
2 goldies, 9 coins all up.
1927 Italy 5 Lire
1952 NZ Threepence
NZ Decimal 1c, 5c, 10c
NZ modern 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 coin



Nice place to be.



Woohoo that Lire is a sweet as coin.:ok_hand:
There’s something about foreign coins… Oh I know they are something you don’t find everyday!


bet you’re happy with that lire! :slight_smile:


Go hard!
Nice to see I’m not the only one digging up a lot of junk.
Thanks for the pix, a unique tarnish on a coin adds value in my mind. :moneybag:


Yes, very happy with the Lire. Found one before. I forgot they were silver till i researched it so a nice surprise. Love that old greeny dark patina.
Had to dig tonnes of junk to pull coin. I knew half of it were ring pulls but i dug them anyhows as you never know.
Dug half the iron signals too. Thats the only way to pull up modern decimals. Surprising how many targets had nasty rusty sharp points.



good on yer shane keep digging those ring pulls one will turn out to be a gold ring


Choice Roy thats the plan. Sand here still high. Was thinking GOLD the whole time hard out.




Ain’t that the truth!

Good shooting on the Lire. In the rusty junk photo, is that a penknife top right?


Only ever found a couple of penknives.
They are big old rusty iron bolts. They were deep too with a bouncy signal.
Lately - through lack of targets - i’m diggin bout 50% of the iron signals. Gets a few rusty modern decimals thats about all.



Shady Aftermath - Bring it on.



Shady’s back

Hey, nice finds everyone, been watching but havn’t logged in for a while.
Finally got to take Ace for a walk, he still not well but a bit of patience totally useable.
Went on a permission hunt just up the road. The idea was to tee up with ol Brian who was up there for the week from Gisbourne. He’s thinking of getting a detector so off for a hunt we went taking turns buzzing, pinpointing and digging.
I said to him the aim is to pull a coin - any coin even if it’s a 1 cent piece - sure enough ding ding a 1 cent piece!
A tonne of lead later he went for a cuppa. I kept goin in true fashion and there it was - silver roundness buried in the mud. A 1912 threepence in top nick.

Trip # 200
Permission hunt up the road.
2 coins all up. Tonne of lead sinkers. brass plate from a fob watch, .222 cartridge
UK 1912 threepence
NZ 1 cent




Hard to concentrate on the tones with those views!
Great pics


Yes i was very lucky to have permission to be there. Awesome place which has a peaceful feel to it.
Im sure there are more finds there but didnt want to over do it.



copper square nails they go back a bit,they maybe some old er stuff there.


Hi Roy. I was hoping to find a penny or two as they are one of my favourites.
The history of the place belongs to one family so i didnt expect to find too much. Basically alot of lead and house rubble from a few old buildings.
Was lucky to be there just the one time.
Maybe next time the rellies are up there we may hit a near by island. Im fairly sure they are hooked on detecting and about to purchace an Ace 250.



Pennies are also my favourite to find. I’ve always liked the dark green patina, and the design on the New Zealand penny has also been one of favourites for along time. congrats on all the finds, Sounded like a very exciting hunt!


Very exciting. Havnt been out much of late. Hangin to get out this week i hope.
Happy hunting Little Kiwi.



A few coins for my efforts.
A half day hunt over at the main a couple of weeks back. From memory come home sunburnt but was good to get out.
Found a NZ penny which always makes my day.

Across the Bay for a handful of coin.

Trip # 201
1 goldie, 16 coins all up.
1958 NZ Penny

Happy Hunting all