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Purchase of a Gold Pan


Hi all, I am looking to buy a Gold Pan are there better one`s or are they all about to same.


Garret super sluice is my pick of the lot


Daniel Gerber has a number of options available -

I’ve got a few of his own design - - seem pretty good to me. Nice steps in them help keep the gold in.


Black and plastic is the way to go, cheap is also good. I’m not sold on the idea of these ‘turbo pans’, think they are just a gimmick to try and up-sell new chums into paying twice as much as they should for what is essentially a plastic dish.


+1 for Dan Gerber’s design. It’s probably the best, and also inexpensive, pan to start with. Different people swear by different shapes…and steel or plastic… personal preferences.


never realised that was his design. that’s the one I got and it works well. not expensive either


I like blue / green ones too as they’re good for a bit of contrast when separating gold from black sands.


Thanks Guys, Black and plastic it is, I was perhaps go for two sizes, 300 mm and 200 mm.

Thanks Roger


Thanks Guys, Black and plastic it is, I was THINKING perhaps two sizes, 300 mm and 200 mm. ( Bad Grammar )

Thanks Roger


The larger size pans a lot of material, and pans it faster … the smaller fits in an average sized backpack. I use a big one to clean up a sluice tray, and a small one out fossicking with a detector.


Darren, That sound exactly what I was thinking. Thanks



I prefer the larger steel pans because you can easily sit a sieve on top, pour your bucket of paydirt on top,quick shake and all the fines drop into your pan,throw larger aggregate away then repeat process multiple times until pan is full of fines then pan fines, you will be able to process a lot more material that way.(more dirt processed = more gold)This process obviously works even better when its all done under water however you need good arm strength for bigger pans.
Good luck. …Mal


I have a collection of pans and the best one that I like is on


Honestly get a basic pan and practise by putting some gold in it and get the hang of it. You don’t even need a big pan! Worked for me. Cheers


I use small bits of lead. different sizes and shapes. you beat them flat to resemble gold flake. put in 10 or so pan away and see if you still have 10 at the finish


Will try that as lead shot must be cheaper than Gold. Thanks